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    Replacement Filler?

    I am trying to lay down large blocks of materials. I have the builders wand which helps but the area is huge. Is there a replacement for the filler or another machine which does the same or similar? I am playing in the infinity evolved and the sky fortress packs. THanks
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    Greg Tech Gas Turbine

    Has anyone actually managed to get one of these up and running? Me and a friend spent the better part of 2 hours trying to first learn the configuration for it, then trying to figure out what tools to hit it with, and then it still wouldn't work. I'm curious if someone has actually managed to...
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    Red Power Error

    Was working on my automatic firebox fueling system with Red Power managers and accidentally broke the chest that the managers were pulling their resources from. I immediately crashed afterwards and have been unable to get on the world to fix the chest. I am on a small server with only 3 other...