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    NEI 1.7.10 Question

    Hello I have been playing around building a 1.7.10 modpack I have everything working good however one thing that is driving me crazy is NEI shows the item name but not the mod the item came from... If anyone could tell me if this is just how it is now or how to fix it I would really appreciate...
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    At a Loss

    Hello All, What OS are you running? Windows 7 Are you using minecraft hosting provider or a dedicated/local server not designed for minecraft? Dedicated server with 50mbp/s download and 50mbp/s upload What version of FTB are you using? (Dont just say latest tell us the version) Ultimate...
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    Tree Breeding (Spoilers)

    Hello FTB mates, some of you like me have probably been wondering where the information for tree breeding has been. Look no more as a member of the minecraft forums posted a diagram of the breeding combinations a few days ago and up until now I've not been able to verify that its right (I...