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    Looking for a modpack

    Hey, i am not sure if i am in the right place but i am looking for a certain modpack that i could play. The modpack should have HQM questing and does lots of automation through minecarts (railcraft / stevecarts ) and nice redstone build. Is there any modpack that goes in this direction? Jet
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    Server wont run

    Title: Server wont run Launcher Version: Modpack: Blood and Bones Modpack Version: Log Link: Details of the issue: Hello, i have the problem trying to run the server for blood and bones. I think it has something to do with error with java that many people have. But i can only find fixes for...
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    FPS Drops

    Title: FPS Drops Launcher Version: 1.4.3 Modpack: Blast Off Modpack Version: 1.3.3 Log Link: Details of the issue: Hey, its getting worse and worse. I having so many frame drops, or you could say my frames stay down low all the time. I playing with a friend Blast Off. Started off with normal...
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    Pneumatic Craft Drones

    Well I am playing around with drones but coming across many errors. The attack enemy puzzle did not work for a long time. somehow it worked but each time the drone attacks something the server crashes and i get this crash report. Whats happening? Crash Report:
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    Flexbeared Steam Power

    Hey, I am playing on Blast Off right now and i am in need of much brass for all my steam power machines. Clicking a few times to get a single brass plate is not really efficiency i think. Does anyone have a different solution / faster or easier way to get brass plates then poring them into a...
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    Game launching issues

    Title: Game launching issues Launcher Version: 1.4.3 Modpack: MagicFarm2, Material Energy^3,... Modpack Version: 2.1.13, 1.4.5, ... Log Link: Details of the issue: Wanted to try out new games that are mentioned. But when i try to open them. The launcher closes and...
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    Frame Drops

    Well since a while ago now i am getting sometimes for a while some framedrops to about 5-15 fps, while normaly getting about 70+. i would love to know why i am haveing them, its not like they are their for a few seconds, takes a long time till their gone sometimes. But they normaly dissapear...
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    Agraian Sky Servercrash

    Yesterday i did not have any problems to play. Today i tried to start the server and it crashes instantly without even anyone on :/ Heres the crash report if someone has quick solution, would be nice: Edit: Maybe it has to do something with bigreactors started...
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    Hey, was just wondering since i am playing around with bees if their is a way to change biomes from one to another biome, and i dont really like the swamp biome grass look ^^. Is their a way through thaumcraft/bloodmagic maybe? Jet i know their are ways with diffrent apiary but i would like to...
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    Agraian Sky

    Did they take out the steve factory manager in the newer version. Saw some people use it in their lets play's but i could not find it.
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    Flow HD Texturepack

    I was wondering if their is any Texturepack that is similar to this one, that has mods covered aswell. Love this texture pack and would like to use it. If anyone has one that looks similar or has its own made version of it that covers a few mods. Would be great to hear from you. Jet
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    Server Crashes

    I use to crash if i flew around too fast, now i crash after like about 1 minute after i join my own server. Crash Report: plz help me ty, Jet
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    Journey Mod Pack

    Well me and my friend are having quiet fun building stuff in our main Monster world. Do of some crashes latley i thought might be a good idea to just try some kind of journey map out. (btw if someone knows why i keep crashing, would be nice if you could tell me. have a seperate post here) Now...
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    Server Crash (See my last post)

    Well i dont know why but my server often crashes when i am in a mystcraft age, not all of the sudden. sometimes it takes a few minutes but then the server crashes and i need to restart it. Why is that happening. EDIT: See last post Jet
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    Hey, i was just wondering why i cant build any of those machines: -Builder -Architech table- -Blueprint and so on
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    Mob Spawning

    I read through the wiki page of the behavior of mob spawners. Since i want to use a found skeleton spawner i was wondering if their is an item that will keep them spawning. As for the vanilla wiki someone has to be within 16 blocks of the spawner. Is their an item that will keep them spawning...
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    Keep crashing

    Me and my friend are both alyways crashing when dieing in the end and getting back to the overworld. Also seems like the covers and the red wire is missing. Ones crashed and got back into game everything is fine. but that always happens when i die their.
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    Blocks are missing on client

    From one day to another their are 2 blocks missing on my client when i try to join: Angel block and ice tile. i dont know why since i pretty much have all the mods in the client that i have on the server. i deleted extrautils from server and the angle block went away from the list. why do i...
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    Harcore mod

    I saw on some vanilla server i used to go that you can turn on hard core mode. I wish to do the same with my server, want to add that you can only regenerate health by potions and if you die adding a death counter (when u press tab). Probably easy to add but i dont know how. Jet
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    I was wondering, if anyone played around with it much. i wanted to know if its too op or if its fun to have in ur list and play around with. Sounds pretty good atleast