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    Any possibility for a generic tool to migrate from one modpack to another?

    This is gonna be a really radical suggestion, but you could always... not update. Seriously, there is nothing forcing you to update if you'd rather not restart. You can play Ultimate or whatever for as long as you want.
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    FTB Monster: No Iridium Nether Ore? How to disable RotaryCraft sounds?

    Iridium is dungeon loot unless you have GregTech installed. You'll need to point those quarries at some dungeons ;)
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    Broken biome?

    Actually, if you're in creative mode it doesn't care about your inventory being full, it simply deletes the excess blocks.
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    Suggestion for OpenBlocks

    Post it on their Github?
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    How far is to far with automation?

    Not necessarily, you just have to add a check to ensure the inventory slot the turtle just attempted to drop is actually empty. You may end up with turtles sitting there constantly trying to drop stacks for minutes at a time, but hey :P
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    Apiary Refiller Module Help

    It only works with pure bees from what I remember - so if you're using your apiaries for breeding before moving to an alveary when stable for production, it doesn't help much unfortunately.
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    How to make a moving base in FTB Monster

    Doesn't Monster have Calclavia's MFFS? If so, check out Force Manipulators.
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    Stuck in different dimension

    Nah, nether portals don't work in ages (Tried to build one a few days ago and spent about half an hour trying to get it to light before remembering I was in an age...)
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    Keeping My Essence Pool Full (DW20)

    Deep Dark and Twilight Forest are full of pools of essence. Dark Forest biome in TF especially likes to spawn them ontop of the canopy.
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    Keeping My Essence Pool Full (DW20)

    Just remember to block the other sides so it doesn't end up pumping your essence all over the place!
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    Logistic Crafting System with Furnaces and Co?

    Have you tried with any of the Forestry machines that don't have a 'standard' inventory (Carpenter, Thermionic Fabricator for example)? I seem to recall Dire demoing a Carpenter not working in his spotlight, but ofc that may have changed.
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    Mystcraft and your opinion

    Why do you need to create experimental ages? The order of symbols is fixed - once you've created one age, you know the order things should go in. The only time there'd be any variance from this is if you don't include ANY symbol, the engine generates a random one to replace it (not necessarily...
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    Mystcraft and your opinion

    Actually, the ink mixer added a method to add the various effects to you link books without having to rely on a creative-only block to do so. On the subject of Mystcraft itself, I honestly am a huge fan of it. I regularly am the one who ends up writing the mining worlds or other public dims for...
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    What exactly is offensive about being told to play in creative mode?

    Tedium cannot be fun. Tedium as a word is synonymous with boredom. If it's fun, it's not tedium. If you enjoy resource gathering, then it's not tedious for you. For the record, I'm a creative player. I don't enjoy the whole resource gathering aspect, I enjoy building stuff. It doesn't make my...
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    Nether Woes - a couple of questions.

    Just FYI, you can use a silk touch or auto-smelting pick\tool to bypass both dangers as well.
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    What is the best FTB modpack for me?

    Uhm, MFR itself is incredibly light - hence the reason it was included in FTBLite. Entity lag is a vanilla thing, and, uh, turned off the grinders is well... your own fault
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    Isn't an MFR tree farm really just a solar panel?

    Why would you not extend your creativity to cover the whole build? Personally I'd hate to show off my awesome creative base and then go "And over here is treefarm number 19387239857 powering it all..." instead of "And over here is my blazing prometheum factory powering the whole thing" Really...
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    Isn't an MFR tree farm really just a solar panel?

    Sounds like someone needs to take his number-crunching, omg-I-must-have-moar-efficiency hat off and put his creative, gee-isn't-this-fun hat on.... have you ever tried antimatter to fulmination generators? Piezoelectric plates with an animal farm? Any number of interesting liquids into any...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    You can use the Native Biome Controller page to mimic the biomes generated in the overworld. Combined with normal weather, normal lighting, normal moon, stars and sun as well as villages, ravines, caves, deep lava lakes and surface water lakes you can create an age that is fairly similar to the...
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    Applied Energistics

    I had the same feeling as well, so I came up with a work around. I now have the contents of my AE network displayed on several monitors in my control room... Not quite the same as a room full of barrels, but its slightly more tangible than everything hidden away in the terminal. I do however...