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    blood magic Demon Invasion 1.10

    The Convocation of the damned is not in my ritual divner. Has the way you get a tier 6 altar changed? I am playing the FTB unstable pack.
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    special mobs.

    yesterday before i updated monster pack it was working great. Getting a mixture of vanilla mobs and special mobs. After update I barely see any mobs any more. I disabled special mobs and my mobs show back up. I have lycane mobs enabled also. I tried setting in config for to spawn vanilla mobs to...
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    protclay recipe not working thaumcraft tinker

    it says clay in middle. then dirt, stone, oak wood, ender shard. Infusion. I tried it and it did nothing. Is the recipe wrong?
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    morph and direwolf20 pack

    I can't morph into the twilight forest mobs. I get the morph when i kill them, but when i try to morph into them it don't do anything. Is this suppose to be this way, or is there a way to fix it.
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    help thaumcraft

    I had problems unlocking Magic mirror, brain in a jar, ethernal bloom, and primal staves. I figured out i could use knowledge fragments to get these. There is some dark things in thamuic tinker still greyed out. It is the itor stuff. How do i unlock these?
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    I made a mystcraft world and it has black ink lakes. Is there a way to bottle this into ink vials? I tried with a bottle and it just turns into water.
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    editing config

    I rented a creeperhost server is there a way to edit configs? If so can u explain how. I saw some comfigs but not all of them. i want to turn the sqaure formation on for forestry farms.
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    please help.

    Before I get flamed i am ftb user and a proud one. My sons wants to play this mod pack that he has been watching on you tube, but it needs 1.6.4 launcher. How can i get him a copy of this one. I looked on and found 1.5.2 but not 1.6.4. If any one can help me out, so i can help him...
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    Setting up a server help

    I am setting up a server to play with my sons. in what do i put as world type for Biomes O' Plenty should i just type that in? Also i will be running the server on my pc, but if we decide to rent a server what is a good provider to use? ok figured out it is BIOMESOP. For 3...
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    need a turtle program.

    There use to be a post to ask for a program, but couldn't find it. If this is wrong place i am sorry. Need a program that works like the default tunnel program, but mines a 3x4 tunnel. Puts torches down every 8 blocks, and dumps into a ender chest. If it could refuel from a ender chest that...
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    optifine and tinker table for power armor.

    Playing unleashed. My son has to use optifine on his laptop. the thing is that the tinker table and his power fist is all white blotches. You can't read a thing. I put optifine on my pc and it is same way. Is there a way to fix this.
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    Bees what would you say is the must have ones.

    I have radioactive and Refined bees. What are some of the others I should be working towards? I have Max fertility, fast production, both temp 5, both humidity 5, fast flowering and Large Territory serums, so i think I have a pretty decent string of bees.
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    big fps jump from 90-100 down to 20-40

    my pc specs. intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600S CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.80 8.0GB 64 bit OS running 64 java AMD Radeon HD 6570 What should I put in Additional Java Parameters? Like I said my fps is all over the place.
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    offline and online mode

    While At home I play minecraft with internet. I play on a server with my sons. During the day I can play at times while at work, but I don't have internet. I tried today to copy my map to single player and play offline, but it starts me at spawn with none of my items. Is there a way to link my...
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    adding gregtech to unleashed

    i am having 3 problems. 1. Can't read the writing in the tinker table 2. when i break berry bushes i get Energy Flow Conduit. 3. Seems my Ore Dictionary isn't working either. When i am making electric circuits. Gregtech added a way to use wool to make copper wire. When I hit shift and ?. It...
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    tinker construct.

    I am playing 1.14 unleashed. For some reason I am repairing my Iron hammer. It use to only take about 6 ingots, but now it takes like 30+. I am only getting 30 durability per iron ingot. Did something change in a update? the hammer is Iron head, cobble handle and obsidian plate and paper plate.
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    Binnie mods and thaumcraft

    I placed a Block Marker beside a inocaltur. Wanted to try and automate them with golems. It crashed my server, so I copied to my single player. It crashed again. this is what it says. Is there a way to fix it. I put a lot of work into this world. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // My bad...
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    MFR Planter (Unleashed mod Pack)

    I am using it as a rubber farm at the moment. When a tree grows it sometimes up roots the saplings around the tree when it grows, and the saplings just sits there and waste away. Not a problem with a rubber tree farm since all i want is the rubber. I am about to swap it over to a oak tree farm...
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    biomes of plenty with unleashed

    I was playing on single player. Started in a plains. Got a good start, so i wanted to move to one of the new biomes. flew for 100,000 blocks. only saw plains, desert, desert hills, jungle, jungle hills, extreme hills. and swamplands. I tried a new world. I forced a update and only enabled...
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    adding more ram to a server.

    I am playing the unleashed version. I want to run a server so me and my sons can play together. How do I add more ram to it?. When i jump around with power armor the server will crash cause of low ram, also when I go to nether It will crash when loading cause of low ram. I see when I start the...