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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    Yep, same here. Probably a typo or something in the configs.
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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    I was trying to grow Shimmerleaf seeds, but couldn't get them to 'work'. Tried all sorts of soil, including the podzol: no, 'this plant can not grow here'. Finally decided to plant them next to a silverwood tree. And that was the trick. Hope someone else can benefit from this.
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    Regrowth 0.8.5

    Had the same problem. What worked for me was to go to the folder where the log pointed to (for you: C:\Users\Ezel\Downloads\FTB\Regrowth\minecraft\config\BlockProperties\AgriCraft\). Then I deleted all files there that had a different date/time than the latest download of the pack (same a...
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    Issues with connecting the launcher

    I would second UniZero's suggestion: start from scratch. Create a C:\FTB, save the launcher in that folder. Start it from there and change the location in its setting to that folder too (in the options). Do a force update.
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    Crashing and Directory problems

    Your log indicates that only the 64 bit Java is found/used now. Did you try reinstalling FTB in another folder than your Program Files folder?
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    Windows .exe Connection Refused?

    Please supply the console log (pastebin button on the second screen when you launch a mod pack).
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    Mod packs not loading

    Please uninstall all the java versions and only reinstall the latest 64bit version. And it seems to me that you have something interfering with your connection, like a firewall or antivirus program.
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    Crashing and Directory problems

    @SackamanjaroX : You may be experiencing problems because of an overzealous backup program doing continuous backups. I had that problem myself. Try scheduled backups for the FTB folders if this is the case.
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    Problem with adding flan packs

    Gamewolf, if you are not having trouble with Monster without adding other mods, the logical conclusion should be to contact the author(s) of the added mods. But that is just *my* opinion.
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    Ticking Entity Crash, Need Help

    Well, keep trying. It makes it so much easier to diagnose. You somewhere have a JVM flag that is limiting you to 1GB. I'll try to find the relevant post and will edit it in here. Procedure: Go to the Properties of the Computer, Advanced tab, and click "Environment Variables". Scroll through the...
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    Ticking Entity Crash, Need Help

    KDawg, could you PasteBin the console log, instead of the crash log? It seems you are somehow limited to 1GB.
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    Windows .exe Monster 1.0.9 crashing in Mystcraft world

    I would suggest you also take a closer look at your JVM arguments. Some of them are double, and I think that the server might like the -Xmx to be a little higher, like 3072M.
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    Help please

    Try it without MCPatcher and without OptiFine. And install the launcher from scratch in its own path, like c:\games\ftb.
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    FTB launcher keeps freezing at the mojang screen

    Two suggestions: 1. Exclude 'C:\Users\ngennaro\AppData\Roaming\ftblauncher' and all subfolders from scanning by your antivirus program. 2. Uninstall all Java versions, then reinstall only the latest 64bit version. Reboot between all actions.
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    Windows .exe MagicFarm2 will not load.

    You have an 'access denied' problem in your registry (line 14). Very likely Lavarthan's suggestion will clear that. Reboot between all installs/uninstalls. Edit: I just found out that almost every log contains this same error...
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    Windows .exe Stuck on Mojang screeen.

    GLIntercept seems to be downloadable software from Google (link). I would suggest uninstalling it, after downloading a version to reinstall it if needed.
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    Windows .exe Memory problem?

    Well... I am pretty sure there isn't... You can play the FTB Lite2 version on 32bits, and that's about it. On the other hand, Your processor seems to be capable of running a 64bit OS, so you could consider 'upgrading' to Windows 7 64bit. But since the processor is already more than 7 years old...
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    Windows .exe Memory allocation not working.

    And you have the slider in the launcher set at a value above 1GB?
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    Windows .exe Memory allocation not working.

    You should probably take a look at the first thread in this part of the forums (this). I would also try to move the launcher into its own folder (C:\games\FTB), and force updating it. There seems to be a problem with a resource pack file.
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    Windows .exe Failure to Load Modpacks

    I agree with Tristam, that the antivirus is probably the problem. Try that suggestion first. If that doesn't help, redownload the mod pack. On the options pane in the launcher there's an button called 'Force update'. You press this button and then start the mod pack. This will force the launcher...