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    CofH Worldgen + Metallurgy 4 in 1.7.10

    solved: The problem wasn't with the CofH worldgen, it was with my understanding of how it works. CofH does not override another mod's worldgen, it adds additional worldgen to the world. That is, if you leave the Metallurgy worldgen on and you have CofH worldgen, it'll effectively double the...
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    Opis: large discrepancy between Total tick and Tick Time

    The "Total" tick as indicated by the summation of world tick + TileEntities + entities is at 10.827 ms in the screen above. The tick time, however, is 38.264 ms? Where does this discrepancy arrive? Going through each bit of the server timing, nothing sticks out at me as adding the extra 28 ms of...
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    Funky Locomotion + AE2 Tunnel Bore Tutorial Series

    Funky Locomotion Tunnel Bore - Basic Funky Locomotion Tunnel Bore Pt2 - Expanding Funky Locomotion Tunnel Bore Pt3 - Mining the Deep Dark Funky Locomotion Tunnel Bore Pt3.5 - The Tutorial
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    Large Redpower tunnel bore in Mindcrack v7 keeps breaking.

    A while back we got a 3x3 tunnel bore started at Y11 for diamonds and the like.. as this bore moved along and got us more resources, we added on to it several times, and eventually ended up with a two-head tunnel bore. One 16x4 head at Y11, then a 1-wide arm going up to Y40 for copper with a 5x5...
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    Automatic RedPower Battery Charging System

    So it's not included in the pack yet, but I went ahead and grabbed RedPower last night at release and ... well, I was really tired the next morning. But all's well that ends well because I've just put the finishing touches on this little doodad. It's pretty small, but could probably be...