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    Which modpack to choose

    I avent played FtB for almost a year and I want to get back into it, so which modpack should I play? Infinity or resurection are the ones that caught my eye as the universal packs involving mods for everything. Im open to any suggestions and 3rd party modpacks aswell.
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    Fps and sudden lag spikes

    While playing with Dw20 pack, I seem to not have much issues, good Fps for my needs(50) and no lag, but when I for example use ResonantRise, which has about the same amount of mods I get unplayable 10 FpS. I even tried disableing some mods I dont really like or not necesary, but doesnt help...
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    Exo Armor Discussion

    So how do YOU upgrade your Exo Armor. My armor is: Head: full protection: 2.5 Armor bars (30 modifiers) Chestpiece: 1.5 armor bars (18 modifiers) 12%speed(12 modifiers) Legs: 30% speed( 30 modifiers) Boots: Double Jump( 5 modifiers) +3 attack damage(15 modifiers) 10% speed(10 modifiers)...
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    Ars Magica 2 Robes

    How do you "Infuse Xp" into (battle)mage armor ?
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    Tinkers Construct 1.7.x Dafuq

    So Im looking for some more information if anyone has some, I tried to find clues in the tinkerers diary and all the books, but no information. There is a PURPLE congeliated slime blocks on top of those islands now, the crafting table that retained its invertory now connects to nearby chests( up...