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    Millenaire, Monster 1.6.4 compatability

    Has anyone managed to make Millenaire work with Monster?
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    Additional Mod Compatability for Unleashed

    So far I have tested 2 additional mods out for use in Unleashed. Archimedes ships allows you to craft your own boats in any config you want, place a helm, chests, beds, and then set sail. It is plug and play for Unleashed, not even requiring ID changes. One of my favorite mods in the world...
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    FTBUnleashed. First Impressions.

    Got the code. Made a world. First thing I noticed is, to my fear/joy, the lack of any sort of mini-map or marker system. It has been a total immersion killer for me to spend more time looking up at the map in the upper-right, then to actually pay attention to the world around me. I will miss...