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    Manufactio - Minecraft/Factorio hybrid

    Son and I just started playing Manufactio. we have come across an early game issue. We have the multi-block Metal formers fed by two coal generators, but every time we come back to them after a while, the Tiny Energy input hatches have disappeared. Not sure if this is a known issue and if there...
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    Incompatible FML modded server

    Title Incompatible FML modded server Launcher Type Curse App Modpack Sky Factory 3 ver 3.0.8 Modpack version Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue I have been running sky factory 3 ver 3.0.8 (installed via the curse app ) on my laptop in single...
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    Open Mobs not spawning

    Summary of the problem Mobs not spawning [ignore this bug] Problem was soley caused by my son setting my game to 'Peaceful Mode' Grrrrr Pack Version 3.0.8 What is the bug? I have built tow different mob spawning farms , that I copied from two different designs found on YouTube. Neither of...
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    Two simple questions needing simple answers

    Hi all. I am currently running a small server on my spare PC for a few friends. We are currently using FTB Infinity mod pack. So I have two unrelated questions that I hope will have simple answers . 1. I currently start the server using the [Start Server] batch file. Is there a simple easy to...
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    Changing server type.

    Sounds like a job for some super coder type . Create an app , that takes one server type and converts the ID's to a different one.
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    Changing server type.

    Hi currently we have a FTB:Unleashed server running, some users now want to convert to a FTB:Yogcraft server. Is it possible to save the world files , change the server jar then reload the old world files. ??
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    Invisible blocks ??

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    Invisible blocks ??

    Hope this is the right place to post. Hoping someone can help. We are running a FTB-Unleashed server. A user was using microblocks as floors and ceiling tiles. When he logged back in after 30mins or so, the blocks had disappeared. He is able to walk through the space but is unable to place new...