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    Whitelist Server Realm Of Oblivion │ FTB Infinity 1.3.4 │Whitelisted│ Looking for beta testers!

    IGN: infizl Skype account name: infizl What mods DON'T you know? new ones to 1.7.10 i havnt played in a month or 2 Why do you think you can help beta-test our server? Im good at generally all mods and try to figure ways out to do things that people do usually use. and i know quite a bit about...
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    A few people to Join Infinity server

    Im looking for a small server to play on you can msg me on here or skype name on skype is infizl
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    Casual Server Infinity 1.4.0 Small Server

    Im looking for a server like this are you still looking for people and what are the server specs/ location can msg me on skype infizl
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    Whitelist Server Jemands Infinity Server 1.4.1| Mature & Friendly Community | No lag, 6 GB Ram! | Only a few rules :)

    Your Name: Justin Ingame name: infizl AGE: 18 where are you from: United States, FL why do you want to join?: I want to join a server that has a very tight group to play with but also fun and a server that will last so I actually have time to build stuff Skype: infizl
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    Whitelist Server Craftrealm|Direwolf20 1.7.10|Whitelist|TS3|18+

    Server ip: Teamspeak ip: Server is running Direwolf20's recomended pack 1.7.10 there are no plugins installed it is just pure FTB whatever the mods add is all there is. difficulty: Normal Server Hardware: 5gb dediram (can up if i need to have up to 20 gigs...
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    Casual Server Endless-Resurrection | Private Whitelist server

    Minecraft name: infizl Age (all ages accepted): 18 Have you played gregtech type packs before (Yes/No): yes Do you have a screenshot of any technology based work? nope reset my computer lost all my crap
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    Whitelist Server Chill the Beast: Direwolf20 1.7.10 Modpack Server, All Mods/Items

    IGN: infizl Age: 18 How long you've played Minecraft/Past Experience: years i dont know exactly but i took a break for work recently and am just now getting back into it. Ive run server myself and worked for a server host company and ive admined many others Type of Minecraft player you are: i...
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    Whitelist Server | Direwolf20 1.0.23 | Whitelist | New Map | Community

    Age (13+ Only): 18 Minecraft User Name: infizl Country (Time Zone): est FTB experience: since it came out Why you would be a good member of this community: i know quite a bit about the mods and i like to communicate with others Additional Notes: uhhh never know what to put here
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    Whitelist Server OkamiCraft|DW20 modpack| 20 tps Stable... >18, last reset(11/13/2014)

    In-Game Name: infizl How old are you? 18 Where are you from (City, State or Country)? us, fl What are you looking for in this server: a place to build and be able to communicate with others... singleplayer is so boring How active are you? when im not busy and not bored of minecraft im on Do you...
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    Whitelist Server Seyfert | FTB Monster v1.1.1 | Whitelist | 24/7 Uptime | Family Oriented

    Name: justin Minecraft IGN: infizl Age(~18+): 17 but mature Any family that wants to join as well?: nope How long have you played FTB?: about 8 months Amount of time you spend playing weekly?: depending on when i work 2 hours a day Why do you want to join?: looking for a server to join after...
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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast dw20 1.0.1 whitelisted small community(1.7.10)Nothing banned,fast response

    IGN.... infizl AGE..... 17 WHERE YOUR FROM...... usa HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED... nope WHY SHOULD WE WHITE LIST YOU.... im on often good with mods and friendly but other than that im really just looking for somewhere to play other than singleplayer
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    Whitelist Server 1.1.7 Unleashed - RiffRaff Syndicate - Closed Moved to DW20

    In-game name: infizl Age: 17 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: 2 years Reason I want to join: honestly im just tired of playing by myself anymore and I'm looking for a cool place to play
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    Whitelist Server CLOSED Chopcraft - FTB Unleashed 1.1.4 all mods [whitelist] server

    In game name: infizl Age: 17 Sex: male ( i dont get why this matters though) Why you want to join: looking for a server to play on FTB experience: ummmmm quite a but over a year and i dont really want to list all over it How often you plan on playing: every other day or so Have you been banned...
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    Whitelist Server SkooterCraft Ftb Unleashed Whitelisted

    ign Infizl 1. How old are you and where are you from? 17 america (unfortunatly) 2. Do you have any experience running a server of you're own? more than i can list 3. What time will you most likely be playing? 2-11 pm eastern sometime between then just whenever i want to 4. What mods...
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    Whitelist Server Beast Server - Unleashed 1.1.4 - White-Listed - Mature -Survival - Teampseak

    In Game Name: infizl Age: 17 Why you want to join: join a good server play a little ftb from time to time Have you been banned before:nope If so Why: How often do you plan on playing: daily or every other day depending on work
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    server package for 4-8 people

    this part "Your post also counts as advertising which is not allowed. Any host that allows FTP access "fully supports" FTB and MCPC+." is not true i have seen many hosts that support ftb but cannot get mcpc to work with their servers. second the prices are being changed we just havnt updated...
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    Looking to fill a CO-Owner Spot and a Developer Spot on my server

    Username : infizl Age : 16 Location/Timezone : eastern, florida Do you have skype : yes (infizl) How much time a week can you dedicate to helping run the server :20 hours or more depending on the week Why do you think you should be chosen as a Co-Owner on FTB-World : Ive run many server and...
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    Server hosting

    i run my server through they are awesome and work very well with my ftb server with multiple plugins
  19. I for the best hosted servers around for the best hosted servers around
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    ftb unleashed crash

    i actually cant find the log file it was in for some reason i cant find it but ill keep looking