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    Whitelist Server Craftrealm|Direwolf20 1.7.10|Whitelist|TS3|18+

    Server ip: Teamspeak ip: Server is running Direwolf20's recomended pack 1.7.10 there are no plugins installed it is just pure FTB whatever the mods add is all there is. difficulty: Normal Server Hardware: 5gb dediram (can up if i need to have up to 20 gigs...
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    ftb unleashed crash

    I have a ftb unleashed server that crashes what seems like every time i or some other certain people log off the server here is what i get it was running perfectly fine 2 days ago and this randomly started happening so i updated the mcpc today and it still crashes 21.08 16:49:25 [Multicraft]...
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    Buildcraft fillers not placing

    Some users are trying to use fillers to place items but they are not placing ive opped the fake player and still not placing but i dont understand why because they are digging the blocks plugins im using are pex, grief prevention, essentials, and buy craft, with MCPC+ any help is awesome...
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    Server railcraft problem

    whenever i go to run my server it gets to the point where its about to start but wont hosted server with 3.5 gigs of ram ftb unleashed 1.1.2 added hats mods hat stands and BoP using mcpc with essentials lwc permissionsex and all the mods associated with them like chatmanager etc... this is...
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    Streaming now come join

    Live chat in depth ftb come join and have fun looking for as many viewers as possible want a lively chat with EVERYONE :)
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    More ram on server

    i have a server and i want to allocate more ram i understand how but for some reason when i try to start it once the settings are changed it wont start this is the normal starting code java -Xms512m -Xmx1G -jar FTB-Beta-A.jar this is what i made it java -Xms1024 -Xmx2G -jar FTB-Beta-A.jar...
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    I don't like what Gregtech dose with the recipes and i was wondering if there was a config out that i could copy to keep all the stuff the mod adds but change the recipes and stuff like that any help would be awesome i love the mod but i hate what it dose to ic2 and such