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    The Strange Case of Mystic's Computer - Seeking Solutions

    Normally I'd start this with a joke or something, but this has got to the point when I want to pull out my hair. Let's go back about a year, when I played FTB several hours a day on the 1.6 Direwolf20 modpack. The laptop I was using had an i3 Processor, 4GB RAM, and an Intel 4000 Graphics card...
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    The case of the curious framerate.

    Well this is quite odd. So, I thought it'd be fun to come back to FTB after a couple month hiatus (Buncha new games and life), and knew that the new DW20 Pack was out. So, I decided to download it and attempt to boot it up. Download= Went by quick, but preparing the minecraft .jar files took...
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    A random player's letter to Microsoft

    *Please note I'm just a random player who enjoys Minecraft and simply wished to express my concerns to Microsoft. I'm probably going to end up tweeting a link to this at Phil Spencer or whoever, so don't go whining about "why is this here". These are my opinions and my opinions only.* Dear...
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    Looking for a way to teleport Railcraft Carts/trains (NO MYSTCRAFT.)

    Long story short, I'm building a Moria-esque base inside a mountain (Pics later), and I wanted to make an interserver train station where people could get to other people's bases. Building huge tracks is out of the question, and Mystcraft is banned. So I need a way to teleport minecarts with...
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    I am Grout.

    Ye be warned, this is a stupid, pointless thread. Soooo.... Anybody notice Grout's new lore? It says I am grout. THEORY TIEM :P
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    Thaumcraft Angry Zombie

    Well, you may want some backstory. So, I've finally begun doing TC 4.2 on the 1.7 server I play on, with my end game goal being to get void thaumturge armour. However, in order to get Fortress Armour ( the main component), It needs the Brain in a Jar research, which is a hidden research. The...
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    Game freezes upon loadup.

    Sorry, I couldn't find the support site, so I decided to put in in here. Move it if needed. So, basically I'm trying to launch the DNS Techpack ( I'm not putitng this on their forum because it seems a little inactive.), and whenever the game loads; it freezes. end of story. At the end of the...
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    Forestry Bee Breeding Setups?

    Once again, I hash potato'd a thread. So yeah, what's the best setup to breed bees & Get the highest chance of mutation? I'm playing DIre's 1.6 pack, version 1.0.23. It has Forestry, Extra Bees, Magic Bees, and I think osmething else. I have access to Alvearies and can make most blocks, and...
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    Does anyone remember this?

    And the more recent sequel, In my opinion this is Feed The Beast in a nutshell. *I did not make these videos. these are the works of Vswe and Hanse00, and I do not take credit for them*
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    Super Duper Endgame Thread.

    WARNING: This thread may cause headaches and urge to punch your computer. No known cure. Okay, this thread is for the people who are so endgame they will start to do pointless things that are overdone and rediculously complex, OR for someone who feels like sharing their godly ideas...
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    Will Dire's Pack continue to be updated?

    Ye be warned, I'm somewhat of a noob. First off, I know that all 1.6 Packs have been frozen and will no longer be updated. However, I also remember Dire saying that he has more planned for his LP World, not to mention several of the mods have been updated.
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    OpenBlocks Mini Me, also known as the Golden Egg

    So, I'm playing the Direwolf20 modpack version 1.0.23. In the Config changelog, it says that the OpenBlocks Golden Egg is enabled. However, in both SMP and a creative test world, the Golden Egg does not show up in NEI or the OpenBlocks tab. However, there is a Crystal Phylactery in NEI that is...
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    Automatic Infusion Crafting (Ideas)

    Infusion Crafting. It's a pretty amazing mechanic in Thaumcraft 4 that is also a pain in the butt to set up, and it's pretty difficult to deal with Flux. However, I personally think that there is a way to fully automate Infusion Crafting using AE and some other stuff, along with one of Dire's...