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    NEI/JeI Freezing problems that causes a crash.

    So I have shadow service if you do not know what it is google it. Thats my hardware Anyways so this is not a full crash thats the problem so I can not get a crash log. Anyways on any modpack I play im having a issue where if I type "work" or "thaum" The entire game will freeze and what will...
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    Infinity Evolved, Millions Of Items Streams!

    Ya ya a lot of people know who I am from my tutorials, I been streaming to youtube and twitch a lot. So if you wanna stop by and see the mayhem like 64 max size turbines come on over :>P
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    Where is the dimlet mob drop config??

    Hey everyone does anyone know the exact config for RF dimlet drops from mobs? I found the one for chest but I can not find the dimlet drop rate from mobs. If anyone has this answer can you tell me the exact config name, and exactly what to change. Thanks everyone!!
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    How did this person make this node with bees???

    Basically someone showed me this node said it came from just bees. I know nothing about bees, and I know some stuff here and there about thaumcraft. Also he would not tell me anything at all not even a clue how it was done. He just said no to every idea how it may have been done. I am trying...
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    Backup questions

    Title: Backup questions Launcher Version: Modpack: infinity expert Modpack Version: reccomened Log Link: Details of the issue: Just out of curiosity, since i can not find aroma back up and anytime I try to put it in my mod pack on my server I get some funky crashes. What is doing the backups...
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    I have tons of tutorials on ftb!

    What is up guys, I make tutorials that explain how to setup server for ftb and other clients. My channel has been changing a lot that is why it may seem ODD atm. Anyways goto my channel and look through my play list and my videos. Hopefully you can find some advice if you are stuck! Please like...
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    What happened to all the mod packs?

    Title: What happened to all the mod packs? Launcher Version: Modpack: Modpack Version: Log Link: Details of the issue: I am just curious I know there is supposed to be way more mod packs then this. I have my filters set to show all on both parts. So..... Anyways can someone tell me how to...
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    How to make all 1.7.10 servers FTB

    First mod and admins, I did not know exactly where to put this. So if it needs to be moved please do so I completely understand. Ok guys here it is, this is still a work in progress but so far I have 7, 1.7.10 tutorials on how to make a server. These are not the best videos, I am not a pro...
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    Common problem solvers

    Title: Common problem solvers tips :) Launcher Version: Modpack: Modpack Version: Log Link: Details of the issue: Hey guys I am making this simply cause I make minecraft tutorials. I notice we repeat a lot of stuff on here, I mean the people who help one another so here is some tips to...
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    Can we still make servers in hardmode?

    Title: Can we still make servers in hardmode? Launcher Version: Modpack: Infinity Modpack Version: Log Link: Details of the issue: I am just curious cause I looked it up and I do not see anything for it anymore. Just creative , survival , adventure , and spectator. So if I can still put my...
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    Making sure SP and MP are the exact same??

    Title: Making sure SP and MP are the exact same?? Launcher Version: Modpack: Modpack Version: Log Link: Details of the issue: So this goes for all mod packs I have noticed. Now you are probably wondering what I am talking about let me explain. So has anyone ever noticed lets say you download...
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    Rf tools world dimension discussion.

    So guys I been sorta looking around for a step by step way to place dimlets and make worlds. So I pretty much need to know the proper order in which way to place the dimlets to make worlds the proper way. Also how do I get rid of a dimensionin the dialer? I can not delete it at all, and the...
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    Got a TS server for FTB discussion :)

    Hey guys I decided to rent a 25 slot TS server. I chose a small number just to test it for now. Anyways I got this so we could all chat on a server or if someone is having a difficult time explaining something through tech support we could help them. So if you wanna hop on and chill and talk...
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    what is the best way to get water into the reactor?

    So here it is guys about to make my first turbine :) From what I can tell my big reactor needs to make steam and has to have extra water pumped into it. I seen the mindcrafter vids were he just uses extra cells with AE to extract water from accumulators put them into the AE then export directly...
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    Random java errors not allowing me to start client side

    Title: Random java errors not allowing me to start client side Launcher Version: Modpack: Direwolf20 Modpack Version: 1.5 Log Link: Details of the issue: So here I am again blah, so I just reinstalled my java again to fix this problem and it is...
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    Any suggestions for a TS host??

    Hey guys I have a team speak server of my own for private use. But I would really like one that I just rent and give what ever address they have to someone else. I want this to be able to just talk to my FTB friends and when trying to help someone on the forums or something if they do not...
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    What is the most compact thing you have made??

    This thread is just to show off your most complicated builds!! It is also here to inspire and let people see things they have never seen before. Everyone be nice and lend a helping hand if someone does not understand your build! Here is mine you guys I know I am not the best. So there is 9...
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    Do you have LAG?? Here install optifine!

    So guys you all know I am not the best at videos I talk and ramble a lot but here is a tutorial on optfine And setting it up and even fixing flickering textures at the end of the video. This video is for people with lower end to medium end PC or Laptops. Hope this helps you guys! Please like if...
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    How to convert RF to EU

    Does anyone know how to do this with the direwolf20 pack?? I played another modpack with engineers tool box to do this but its not on here. Thanks guys :)
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    Confused about fluctuating item ducts

    So guys I am confused here blah! Ok in the pic you can see I have a interface above a pulverizer ok then usually I use ender IO on the back to pull items out then on the bottom I use the power. Here is what I wanna do. I wanna put a interface on the top and on the back then make the fluctuating...