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    Not sure exactly what's causing this

    It might just be something to do with 1.10. I've noticed it with a few different 1.10 packs if anyone has any idea what it might be? I am not using a texture pack. It also pretty much only happens to mod added mobs, regular ones are just fine.
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    Open Dupe bug discovered

    Summary of the problem Dupe bug discovered Pack Version 1.2.0 What is the bug? There is a dupe bug with Refined Storage auto-crafting. I encountered it in single player, I had an auto-craft setup to craft iron blocks from 9 iron and back again. To hit the bug I had no iron blocks or iron...
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    Infinity Lite 1.0.1 question

    Just curious if there is currently a way to transfer power from RF to EU?
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    Walia + Extra Utilities Drums question

    I am curious about a functionality that I had in an older modpack (I don't remember which one but I think it was a 1.6.4 one on FTB) where walia would display the amount a drum had in it without picking it up. My question is, how can I change my 1.7.10 modpack to display this again or is that...
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    A problem of platforms

    Ok what I have is a sort of OCD kind of issue that I'm not good at solving. What I want is to have a minimum of 45 5x5 platforms arranged around a larger central platform (I was thinking about 11x11 though it could be smaller or larger if needed) with pathways leading from it. The pathways wont...
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    1.0.3: Opis server client crash

    Version: 1.0.3 What is the bug: I am running my own server over my local network and it's working fine. Until I tried to enable Opis on my client. When I do, everytime I try to log into the server I get a crash to the desktop, minecraft just kills itself. Here is the pastebin for the...
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    Buildcraft question Direwolf20 1.7.10 Pack

    Ok, am I missing something or did something major change with the redstone engines? In 1.6.4 I used to use 4 engines on a pump with an Extra Utilities drum on top of it to clean up lava pools in the overworld, now in 1.7.10 the engines refuse to heat up. It's been sitting for at least 10 minutes...
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    Mekanism Question - World Gen

    Just curious if anyone knows roughly how the world gen works if Mekanism is the only mod adding copper, tin and osmium? What I'm meaning is more between which layers can I find it? Or is it just all over the place like from 1-120 y-levels?
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    Energized Glowstone question

    Anyone have any idea how to get this stuff to stay put where it's placed? I have a walled off section where the glowstone can run up just fine but after a while the source block moves. Any ideas on how to fix it?
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    Scrolls freebie

    The code has been claimed sorry.
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    DW 1.6.4 pack - Logistic Pipes

    Just a question about Logistics Pipes. I've seen both twitch streamers and some youtubers do remote ordering with this mod and I was wondering how to do it. From me messing around with it I can get a basic system set up and I can build the orderer just fine but I can still only request by...
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    Windows .exe Launcher Issues

    Ok this has happened a couple of times and I'm curious as to why. What is happening if the launcher refuses to connect (at one point for an entire day) to to authenticate my account. Now this would be fine if the login servers were actually down, however using the vanilla launcher...
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    MFR Crash

    Ok so I'm putting together a modpack mixture, basically a MagiTech modpack. I have taken the new TechWorld 2 pack and added in a bunch of magic mods plus some others. Aside from a couple of ID conflicts all seemed to be working all good. For completeness here is the added mods not in FTB 1.6.4...
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    DW20 1.6.4 Pack question

    As I'm used to using mods that aren't included by default in this pack I have to ask is there a decent portable crafting table in this modpack? I know about the Factorization one but I think it kinda sucks, if none exist I may have to add another mod to my install.
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    DW20 1.6.4 Chunks not saving

    Having a small issue where chunks are not saving properly, here is an example: Emptying a chest, moving the chest, putting everything back in, go outside, come back in chest is back where it was before, go outside again, berry bushes missing and trees coming back. Any ideas?
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    Issue with DW20 pack and Morph

    Ok so for some reason I can't morph back into myself. I can switch between morphs just fine but when I select myself it does nothing and I stay as the morph.
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    While this post will probably garner calls of OP and what not I am curious about something. Is there a version of EE2 (or something similar/same) available for 1.5.2/1.6.2? And yes I know there is EE3 but I'm looking for one closer or the same as EE2
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    Applied Energistics automation question 1.5.1

    Right so the situation is I'm looking at the automation side of the mod and enjoying it, however I have a question. Well, while the ability to automatically craft a lot of things it's somewhat annoying that I can't automate the creation of tesseracts completely. Is there a way (cheating or...
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    Wolfhound TP question

    Anyone know if there is a FTB version of this TP? I really like the look of it and would love to use it with the ultimate pack.
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    ChickenChunks Question

    Not sure where to put this question so here seems as good a place as any. Is there any way, without editing the mod itself, to disable the chunkloader from being able to be used but keep the spot loader?