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  1. Delzuar

    [1.7.10] Shattered

    Hey its been a while I found my world on my old laptop im going to try the update. Had this pack on my mind this week
  2. Delzuar

    [1.7.10] Shattered

    Hi Its been a while since i post here and played this pack but i was wondering if you were still working on it or maybe on a new project ? I really like the pack you made its was the most fun i had in a long time and played for atleast 2 months i normaly get bored after 2 weeks. Thank again...
  3. Delzuar

    The World Tree

    That sound pretty awesome can't wait :) keep up the good work
  4. Delzuar

    Adventure Awaits Modpack! [Curse][Adventure][Tech][Magic][PvP][Achievements]

    Hi my name Alex and i would like to join your server. Curse name : AS_Delzuar Age : 23
  5. Delzuar

    [1.7.10] Shattered

    Hehe its cool don't worry about it :)
  6. Delzuar

    [1.7.10] Shattered

    Hi i was playing yesterday and i notice that there no recipe for soularium even in the arc furnace. I was wondering if this was intended or not because many ender io machine need it in there recipe. Edit : My bad i just notice that this issue was already talk about in a previous discussion...
  7. Delzuar

    [1.7.10] Shattered

    If you need obsidian you can take some off the floor of the cultist obelisk.On my part maybe i got lucky but other then the silverwood sapling and the bee hive my progression was not affected much with only a single island. I got a ztone totem in a lootbag from my mobfarm so getting vanilla...
  8. Delzuar

    [1.7.10] Shattered

    I have been playing on this map for quite awhile so i think its too late for me lol. Im trying to see if i can change my world type with nbtexplorer. Edit : It works :)
  9. Delzuar

    [1.7.10] Shattered

    Hi im having some issue getting into thaumcraft. You need silverwood plank to make part of some important thaumcraft machine. The only way i found to get the silverwood sapling is legendary loot bag but i think its a bit too hard to get with the recent nerf on lootbag. I tested it in creative...
  10. Delzuar

    [1.7.10] Shattered

    Hi I just wanted to say that the most fun pack i played in a while and thank you for the hard work. There some screenshot of the base im building :)
  11. Delzuar

    IGN: Xx_Reaperman_xX Nick name: Reaper Skype (Appreciated but not necessary): Dark.knight.drake...

    IGN: Xx_Reaperman_xX Nick name: Reaper Skype (Appreciated but not necessary): Dark.knight.drake Age: 23 Colour/Team (Red, Green, Blue) Preference (Doesn't mean you are guaranteed this colour): Red Time zone (server is in Chicago): (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  12. Delzuar

    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast [Resurrection 1.0.1] Server Closed Due To Lack Of Updates.

    IGN : Xx_Reaperman_xX or Delzuar Age : 21 Where are you from : Canada Have you ever been banned on a server and if so why : Never been ban Anything you think you should add : Gregtech is the best mod ever i know alot about it but its going to be my first time with the minecraft 1.7.10 version.
  13. Delzuar

    Whitelist Server tjcraft|Dw20 1.7.10 version 1.0.2| Whitelist|

    IGN: Xx_Reaperman_xX Why should I whitelist you? Hi, My name is Alexandre and ive been searching for a server like this for while now. Most of the time on a server player seem to get seperate and dont talk to each other. This server seem really focus on playing as a group so i hope this will...
  14. Delzuar

    Private Pack [TPPI]HeliosCraft Server Recruitment

    No effort put into your post you should work on it a little
  15. Delzuar

    Private Pack Hephaetus | 1.6.4 Custom Pack | Whitelist | Hard | Mature Community | 24/7

    IGN : Xx_Reaperman_xX Are you over the age of 18? Yes im 21 How long have you been minecrafting? I have start playing in the alpha so 4 years atleast. What is the best/worst creation you've built in minecraft? My worst creation was my first house in the alpha just made out of cobble. My best...
  16. Delzuar

    Whitelist Server New ftb Horizons Server Nolag | pure ftb (no plugins) | PVE & PVP

    IGN : Xx_Reaperman_xX Age : 21 Do you accept the rules : Yes have you ever been banned : No
  17. Delzuar

    Open Server Bloodtide corps - Unleashed 1.1.5 Raiding/PVP-Biomes/Powerconverters/Nether Ores/Reliquary

    Its me or each time you post a comment its only to complain...
  18. Delzuar

    Private Pack Minecrumb | Small Australian 1.5.1 Server with Mods Similar to Mindcrack | Looking for new players

    IGN: Delzuar Age: 21 Location: Quebec, CA Any bans/why: No Knowledge of mods: I have played Tekkit 1.2.5 and the first FTB pack so i pretty much know how to use all the mods. Im also watching Direwolf20 Forgecraft series and mods spotlight. Why are you looking for a smaller server...
  19. Delzuar

    Private Pack Gaming!Craft - 1.5.2 [Whitelisted] | BC/IC2/TC3/ArsM/TE/GregTech [100+ Mods] | [Frequent Updates]

    FTB Delzuar Application Name: Alexandre IG-Name: Delzuar Age: 21 Banned before?: No Why do you want to join?: Im looking for a good 1.5.1 modded server with a good administration. All the server i have join so far have map corruption after a week. The most relevant is you guys look...
  20. Delzuar

    Whitelist Server | Netzone - FTB | Direwolf20 | Whitelist | Bukkit | Survival | No-PVP | 32G RAM

    Apply on and i whitelist you.