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    [WIP] Extreme Reactors Simulator

    As I didn't want to continue necro'ing the previous thread, I've made a thread to discuss the extreme reactors simulator I am working on. Also, to prove I'm doing stuff, have this:
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    Direwolf20 1.10 Crash when closing LAN world

    Title Direwolf20 1.10 Crash when closing LAN world Launcher Type Twitch Desktop App Modpack Direwolf 20 1.10 pack Modpack version latest Have you modified the pack? Yes Link to log file Added advanced rocketry and required coremod Details of the issue Whenever I go to close a...
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    [Jampacked II] [Hardcore] Gone World

    Hello! I am Kel, and I will be releasing my first public pack to the FTB Launcher, Gone World. This was a Jampacked II entry, and although not nearly on par with the other packs made, I feel it is pretty good for being made in a week. Without further ado, I am proud to present Gone World...
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    Thermal Dynamics

    So, I noticed Thermal Dynamics was not on the cofh site, so I rooted around and found the link for downloading it, it actually wasn't that difficult to find. However, I would like to know if it is okay to use it in a Public Pack.... Thanks.
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    Hey guys. I'm working on a hqm modpack, and have been unable to find much needed info on the mod. For one, I cannot find the picture for the logo when you open the book, nor do I know the size for the picture. I also cannot seem to find where to put the picture, and what to name it. Secondly...
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    [WIP][RFW] Race for wool ftb map in progress, need suggestions

    Hey guys. I decided to move the WIP section for the request for a race for wool ftb map to a new thread. The map is in very early stages, but I need suggestions for mods to add and dungeon ideas. Really, any suggestion is welcome. The current mods are: AE2 NEI Forbidden Magic HQM TConstruct...
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    Jam packed 1.7.10?

    Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone knows if the jam packed 1.7.10 team competition is actually going to happen or not. Huh, odd sentence... Mumbles* Wanted to know if anyone knows? Want to know if anyone is aware of? ...No...Hmm I'll just leave it at that. P.S. If anyone has a better idea for...