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    Looking for admins - hopefully right place?

    I have a server that I originally used to play with my friends but none of them really play anymore. I have continued to pay for it but it sits largely unused. I don't have much experience with running a proper public server so I am hoping to find some experienced, (preferably) adult, admins who...
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    Force chunk regen?

    Does anyone know of a mod or perhaps existing command (for DW20 1.6.4) that would force a regen on chunks because of the glitch in BoP I have some really funky world gen and it's really annoying. Nobody has developed in the area however so deleting everything there and having it regenerated...
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    Impossible research? Or am I just stupid?

    So I am researching the golem animation core for fill. Attached is where I am. I can't seem to figure out a way to connect all the dots with only 6 active runes. Am I just dumb or is this a bad luck of the draw from the RNG? I looked up spoilers for this and those are the only three aspects...