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    Guide Text (for those whose book doesn't work)

    This is about the best I can do, formatting-wise! ======================================================================================= Welcome to the FTB Pyramid Reborn map. This map is an updated version of the original FTB Pyramid map first released in Minecraft 1.2.5. This map has been...
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    Bug Powered Crafting Table sometimes doesn't use resources

    I've noticed that the powered crafter doesn't always use up the provided resources. For example, I just created a spawn chicken egg with 8 seeds and a block of diamond but it didn't use them. I've had for other things as well. Obviously most of the time it doesn't really make much difference...
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    Solved Clay Bedrock?

    I'm getting close to finishing off the draconic quest, so only clay bedrock after that. What do I need to know? There's no recipe, so what's the trick?
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    1.0.0: Vanilla wood (oak, birch) cannot be used for crafting

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: As in the title, oak and birch planks can't be used to craft, for example, sticks or doors. In contrast, dark oak planks can be used for everything. Note, I haven't tried jungle or spruce planks yet. Mod & Version: log: Can it...
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    I need some advice on how to handle new mod/modpack versions

    I see a lot of beta packs out there that I'd like to try and was just wondering how people handle existing worlds when upgrading to the latest version. With alpha packs, the warning's clear - anything and everything might change - but some packs seem to remain in beta forever. So just for an...
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    Programmable Rednet Controller T-Flip-Flop

    Struggling to learn how to use the PRC and in particular, the T-flip-flop function. As I understand it, a T-flip-flop is equivalent to 'turning a button into a lever'. So, that would mean it only would need one input. But in the PRC, there are two inputs ('T' and 'CLK') and I'm not sure what...
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    (Solved - ish) MFR Planter - Question on upgrades and filter regions

    Does anybody have a list of how the filter in the MFR Planter breaks up the planting area into the separate regions? I'm trying to work out a planting scheme to keep my biofuel generators going efficiently. For example, a tin upgrade makes the total plantable area 9x9, and I would have imagined...
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    (Solved) Config issue trying to include Iguana Tweaks to FTBLite2 (along with TiCon)

    I want to add Iguana Tweaks and Tinker's Contruct (+ mechworks+ tooltips) to FTBLite2. However, even though all seemed fine, when I finally found some gravel and tried to craft flint (a square of gravel gives you flint in Iguana Tweaks), what I actually got in the grid was Gravel Bricks from...
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    Upgrading Simply Jetpacks Mod on FTBLite2 to include HUD

    Just thought I'd mention that after watching JadedCat's video... ... on FTB Universal Configs, I was able to upgrade the Simply Jetpacks Mod on FTBLite2 to include the HUD. I didn't go for the very latest version, since there was a warning on the mod's home page that problems could be...