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    Unstable Server Essentials

    So my buddy and I are trying to open an Unstable server to test the 1.7 mods but we're running into a huge issue finding some way to use some form of essentials to allow for sethomes. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    Long time players need new project

    So a buddy of mine and I are both pretty good with mods and the like and we've gotten to the point where nothing is "new" per say to us and the only options we can see are either boring or inefficient. We've been playing on an unleashed world that he hosts for us and have already gotten to the...
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    Austere Bees

    I'm having trouble getting the austere bee on my server. I finally managed to obtain a pure strand of Sinister bees after 2 days of trying and now I'm having the same bad luck with this one. I'm in a desert biome with my pure modest princess and pure sinister drone and all I keep getting is...
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    Problem Can't keep up warnings

    So my wife and I host a mindcraft v8 server and have hosted the same map for about 2 months now. in the last 4 days we've gotten several thousand warnings about the server not being able to keep up. I have tried making a copy of the world file and making a new world, had the same issue. I...
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    Problem Mindcrack v7 server crash and high ram usage

    My server has crashed no less than ten times today alone and I get the same error message every time. When I read it I thought it was the boiler room I had just set up because it mentioned rptubes chunkloaders and railcraft but after taking down the boiler room the problem persisted. I need a...
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    Looking for building ideas for oak logs

    I'm close to filling an upgraded barrel full of Oak Logs and I need inspiration as to what to build with all of it as I do not need any more charcoal right now. I produce about a diamond chest's worth of logs every hour or two and I just want to use all the wood for something cool. Any ideas...
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    A Proper setup for steves carts tree farm

    I have no idea how to get the carts to use the cargo manager... they pass by it and the arrows in the gui light up but it doesn't actually do anything.
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    Liquiduct connections

    Is there a way to make liquiducts connect to another line? I've got a setup that runs pretty good but I put a carpenter on it and now I need water to flow into it for now unless there's a better liquid I could be using.
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    IC2 Builder not working

    So my server has a community project going on where we're building a large village around two very large towers surrounded by water and trees. It looks great but when we were building the two towers one of them was missaligned. We decided to take it down and use the architect table and builder...
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    Chunk Loader Module

    I was told that you could attach this to a turtle and it would load a chunk when it moved so that it would never stop what it's doing. I can't figure out how to attach it or equip it or just generally how to use the module if anyone could provide assistance I'd be grateful.
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    Whitelist Server GrayCraft Relaunched Whitelist/PvE/Mindcrack/Mature/Survival/Mystcraft Installed

    GrayCraft has been relaunched using the new Mindcrack Mod Pack in the hopes of providing a stable, secure, and fun environment for it's players. Rules: 1. No griefing at all in any form or fashion. 2. Don't start, instigate, or cause a fight or disturbance among our playerbase...
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    An actual update to FTB?

    I host a whitelisted server for about 20-25 people and because of a few crashes caused by the Advanced Machines addon we have a load of corrupted chunks and since we heard that there was an update to FTB coming in the next couple days we decided to just reset the map once the update is released...
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    I'm having server crash issues

    Here's the latest log, from what it says I assume it's got something to do with the twilight portal mod. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // This doesn't make any sense! Time: 11/29/12 8:23 PM Description: Exception in server tick loop java.lang.NullPointerException at...
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    GrayCraft|Latest FTB A|Whitelisted Mature PvE Rules 1: No Griefing. Yes, I am aware of how difficult it is to catch griefers. 2: Do not ask for a notebook. 3: Don't create multiple portals to the Nether, End, or Twilight Forest 4: Try to keep the buildcraft pipes to a minimum. 5: If you have an issue with something or...
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    Starting fresh world

    My wife and I have a dedicated whitelisted server and neither of us know where to start with FTB. I was told that we should concentrate heavily on railcraft and thermo-expansion. What direction specifically should we be headed in as a good start?