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    Windows .exe Used Memory keep on rising then freeze..

    So, whenever I go far away from my loaded chunk or even going to the nether, my 'Used Memory' won't stop rising until 90%+ and then freezes my client.. Is this normal? I allocated 1.25 gb of ram but this didn't happen that much before, any fix for this? Playing DW20 1.6.4 pack, also whenever it...
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    [DireWolf20 Pack] Question..

    I've noticed the little notification on the bottom right of the screen whenever I get a new item..what mod is that from and if there's any config for that? It.Is.Awesome. I like it that I get a small notification whenever I get stuff. :)
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    Carpenter's Block for FTB

    Found a great simple and yet, awesome mod on the forum called the Carpenter's Block. Been using it to make some custom trapdoors and doors and even fences for my houses :) Oh and you can...
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    Windows .exe NEI and Minium Stone

    So, I've noticed that the Minium stone crafting feature doesn't have the "?" icon when using it with NEI shift click, but when I watch Direwolf20 latest Forgecraft 2 video, Soaryn said I can add something to make it work, but what? Anything I should add/do to actually make the Minium Stone...
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    Changelogs of the Modpacks

    As the OP stated, is there a way for the FTB team to make a Changelog every time there's an update for a certain modpack? Like when the launcher updates, there's a changelog
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    So..raining chicken in DirePack? this TC3 related? A message did say something foul has been spouted from a nearby node.. Get it? Something 'foul' (fowl)?