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    Whitelist Server Small Server Looking For Active Players

    IGN: xblackwolfx7 Age: 19 Skype: sergeant_titties How Often Will You Be Active: Il play as much as I can. I normally play daily unless I have classes that day. Experience With Mods: Besides Blood Magic, I know how to use most of these mods. A Little About You: Im normally very friendly and open...
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    Whitelist Server [BETA] AirHeadGaming's FTB Fully Unleashed Server [1.1.4][TS3]

    IGN: xblackwolfx7 AGE: 18 TIMEZONE: EST EXPERIENCE: been playing for a year, so I pretty much know what im doing FAVORITE MOD: Computercraft, im studying programming in rl ^^ WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE SERVER: Im a friendly individual who can bring many great things to your server PLAYSTYLE: I...
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    Whitelist Server EvilCraft [Unleashed 1.1.3] [Fresh World] [20 slots] [24/7] [Biomes O Plenty] [Plugins] [Whitelist]

    Age (16+): 18 IGN (In Game Nickname): xblackwolfx7 Experience with FTB: Been playing for about a year or so What are you best at (BC, IC2 etc): Computercraft, learning programming in rl ^^ Anything you want to add / suggestions?: never used Teamspeak before, but I can make an account if...
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    Whitelist Server FTB Unleashed 1.1.2 [Private] | Looking For Experienced Players

    i) In-Game Name : xblackwolfx7 ii) Age : 18 iii) Experience with FTB : Plenty, started playing FTB about a year ago iv) Are you able to converse @ Skype : yeppers v) How often do you come online/play : a couple hours per day vi) Do you agree with all the rules above : yes
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    Whitelist Server Looking for Youtubers - FTB Unleashed Server/ Whitelist/ Mature/ 1.1.4

    IGN: xblackwolfx7 Age (18+ only): 18 Do you have any experience with the mods in the modpack?: Plenty, im learning programming so computercraft is my current favorite On average, how many hours per week do you play Minecraft?: 4 - 7 times a week How long do you intend to play on the server?: As...