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    Open Server UnlimitedCraft | DireWolf20 1.2.1 | M1.7.10 | 24H | TS3 | No mods removed | 38 Plugins | Fresh Map

    Server's great, great community, no lag, server restarts aren't even a big issue since they give you a lot of warning. Would definitly love to see a few things changed but aside from that I highly recommend it.
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    Open Server UnlimitedCraft | DireWolf20 1.2.1 | M1.7.10 | 24H | TS3 | No mods removed | 38 Plugins | Fresh Map

    This server is pretty great, been playing on it for almost a week and the people are nice and fun. No lag. And the classes are all pretty balanced. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a server to play on.
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    Whitelist Server Skyward Gaming | 1.7.10 Direwolf20 | Dedicated 24/7 Uptime | 18+ No Drama

    Application IGN: DjScorsy Age: 18 Experience with FTB/Modded Minecraft: Been playing it since they released the first build, followed direwolf20's packs back in the day as well. Playstyle: "Let's set up a town and automate some things and have people doing individual jobs!" or "I BUILD HOUSE...
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    Whitelist Server RE-OPENED ~SQUirrellCraft~ 1.6.4 Monster-Modified | 32G RAM |Dedicated|Community Based| 。◕‿‿◕。

    In Game Name: DjScorsy Age: 18 Banned Before: No. Experience with modded MC: Been playing with FTB since it was released. Goals On Server: Set up a small community focused around each of us focusing on a different aspect of life. Unique Skills?: I'm a photographer. How Active are you?: Daily...
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    Whitelist Server Monster v1.0.11 | Whitelist | Small Community | Vanilla | 24/7 | Mature | 16+ |

    Application: IGN: DjScorsy Age:18 I do not stream or make videos. All of the modpacks, have not played with a few of the mobs mods (EX. Lycanites, etc.) My play style is that of building and functionality, I like making things aesthetically pleasing but at the same time functional. Eastern. Been...
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    1.4.6[MineCrack] RippleCraft [Whitelist][Nolag][Teamspeak][NewMap]

    1. Age: 16 2. IGN: DjScorsy 3. How long have you been playing the FTB Pack?: A few months now. 4. What do you plan to do on the server?: Working with a few friends to be the very best. Like no one ever was. 5. Have you ever owned or been a staff on a server?: I ran a hamachi server for a few...