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    Upgrading computer

    Hi all I made a jackfrags computer set up (medium budget) I was wandering would adding more ram (I have 8gb) getting better traffic card or processed would help more for minecraft the link to the video I based off Witch part offers up the best upgrade to my pc? Sent from my iPhone using...
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    A Aussie in the south my names stent

    Hello all my names stent and I've been playing with mods for 3 years, I play Minecraft because I like the challenge of automating things. I do copy some things or find ways to go about it, I'm that guys stuck in the past on the older mods like TE and IC2 but trying new mods. Any way this were I...
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    Power Generation! Resource gathering

    What is your faverite form of power generation other than lava it is boring and simple (self sufficaint) What mid late game way do you get tonnes of ores? (turtles are a given but what code do you use?)
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    Dell laptops

    Hi all i am in need t buy a laptop that can handle- 1) FTB 2) world of tanks i curenly have $1600AU to buy a laptop but i would like a suggestion that can give me 30-40 fps online I have seen other post before like this one but nothing in infomation that i require to be sure to buy a certian...