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    Whitelist Server Small Private FTB Server 15 Slots, 18+

    Hi, I would like to possibly join. My ingame name is Jaeger_F0X. and my skype name is brandon808955.
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    Whitelist Server |GOF TW2|TW2 1.1.1|White list|TS3|Website|Expansion Room|

    In game name: Jaeger_F0X What country are you from and can you speak/type English?: U.S. and yes. How old are you?:19 What do you like to build?: Nothing too specific. General buildings and such. Any other information you want to give?:Im completely new to the techworld pack, but I have a little...
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    Whitelist Server (WhiteListed) Applications FTB Ultimate Server 18 Slots

    Name: Brandon Age: 19 IGN: Jaeger_F0X Skype (required): brandon808955 FTB experience: Not much, I've got the basics down. Thats about it. Creativity: I'm fairly creative. No artist, but I like solving problems in creative ways. How often you play: Whenever I get a break from classes or...
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    Whitelist Server (WhiteListed) Applications FTB Ultimate Server 18 Slots

    1.Why do you want to join the server? I want to join because I enjoy playing mindcrack and ultimate seems similar. I dont like the whole lone wolf thing, it gets boring fast, and public servers feel the same as solo. I would like to join a small group of players, make new fiends, and build...
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    Whitelist Server [1.4.7][FTB MINDCRACK PACK][WHITELISTED][NO BLACKLIST!]Feed the Beast!

    IGN: Jaeger_F0X Banned? Never Will I grief? No. I might prank, but nothing excessive. Kind to other players? Yes, I am usually a very nice guy. I'm a 19 year old college student. I might not be able to play everyday, being is that I'm studying to be an Engineer, but when I do get some free time...
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    Whitelist Server MindCrack 8.3.2 ::GregTec Easy:: Whitelist Server Fresh Start :) Age 18+

    1. In game Name: Jaeger_F0X 2. Skype Name ( Mandatory ): brandon808955 3. Age: 19 4. How often do you play minecraft? Whenever I have time to. 5. Why would you like to join? Looking to find a relatively small group of people to play mindcrack with. 6. Can you Respect Other people's things? are...
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    Looking For an FTB MindCrack server.....

    Looking For an FTB MindCrack server.....
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    Whitelist Server TheLostRealms MindCrack|24/7|Newest Snapshot|Vanilla

    IGN: Jaeger_F0X Skype:brandon808955 Age:19 Will you record:No, I don't plan to. Youtube account name:VRicketsV Reason for wanting to join:Looking for a relatively small group to play mindcrack with.