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    Whitelist Server MindBlast DW20 1.5 [1.1.2] [TeamSpeak] [Survival]

    Current Pack Version Version 1.1.2 Rules Rule # 1 - You shall not cheat nor hack whilst playing on the server. Rule # 2 - Do not be annoying. Rule # 3 - Do not grief areas which are owned by other players. Rule # 4 - Treat others with respect Rule # 5 - Respect all staff, and don't just rage...
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    Whitelist Server RippleCraft [v8.01] [TeamSpeak] [Survival] [Active][NewMap]

    The Gladius Gaming community presents the MineCraft server RippleCraft! This is a Feed the Beast server running the MindCrack pack! We've got active staff online that is willing to help you whenever you are in need of any assistance or run into any problems! If you are new to gameplay then our...