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    Unstable Server Essentials

    So my buddy and I are trying to open an Unstable server to test the 1.7 mods but we're running into a huge issue finding some way to use some form of essentials to allow for sethomes. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    Whitelist Server FTB Ultimate Whitelisted : 17+ : Mindcrack Inspired : 15GB RAM : 24/7

    Minecraft Username: Micmager Skype Username: mikegray19 Age: 24 Why do you think this server is for you: For starters it's whitelisted, which I love but hate applying for. For the beef patty of the reason burger, this is one of the only servers that appears to have no issues with me as far...
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    Open Server Generation Gateway|Monster 1.1.2|Dedicated| Mining worlds |Professional Staff|NoLag|NEW MAP!

    Seems to be a slight stability issue but other than that I enjoy the server when I can get on.
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    Open Server [SeriousServers] Ultimate 1.1.2 24/7 PVE 200 Slots

    Server is great, just wish that the website displayed properly for me so I could actually read it without dialing my eyes back a decade to read rudimentary HTML.
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    Long time players need new project

    thanks for the suggestions guys and I'm not trying to shoot any down I just want to make it clear what we've already done and what we want to get done. The config on the laser drill was just something we decided to try out as on our last server we got our resources from Miner Trees and entire...
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    Long time players need new project

    We decided to edit the config for the laser drill and have it require only 30 work units instead of 300. Let me reiterate again that material gathering is not a problem. We just need something to use the materials on that we haven't done before or haven't done well enough before.
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    Long time players need new project

    Maybe I wasn't making our history clear enough. We've literally used every method we can think of possible to do things since ftb itself was released and even before then (shhhh don't mention the other thing) we're both knowledgeable with every mod that does something we consider useful and...
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    Long time players need new project

    So a buddy of mine and I are both pretty good with mods and the like and we've gotten to the point where nothing is "new" per say to us and the only options we can see are either boring or inefficient. We've been playing on an unleashed world that he hosts for us and have already gotten to the...
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    The Light Unleashed

    The power tool lets you place square blue and black panel lighting. Looks cool to me and they never stop working.
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    Question: Efficiency and what to do next, Fusion race!

    I believe there is a trade for emeralds->Redstone for the chrome... admittedly easier with the trading post from extrautils but it's still doable in ultimate
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    Private Pack Trec Ultimate | 1.6.4 | DirewolfBased | Mature Staff | No World Resets | 1 Year Uptime | True 32GB

    Everyone has been talking about the spawn on this server. It is very beautiful but it's not the main draw for me. What keeps me logging in time after time is that my wife plays here with me and she enjoys all of the people she can talk to and have friendly conversations with. There's also the...
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    Hey, I'm Looking for a Ftb server...

    There's a section for this. Also if you're all over 18 you could apply to my server, it's listed as Graycraft Reloaded.
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    Problem with MindCrack Pack 8.1.1

    Don't complain about it? It's really not that much harder.
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    Thermalexpansion to quarry?

    Okay, I don't know who taught most of you English but I'll rectify this situation. Powering a quarry using Magmatic Engines is very simple. Simply place your quarry and engines where you want them to be, if the engines are not connected to your quarry then run redstone energy conduits from the...
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    Different zombie types

    I was having shortages of brains until I got my endermen grinder going in the end, took 10 minutes to make a tier 5 endermen shard took a few minutes to attune a new shard to angry zombie and then put them in the anvil to turn the angry zombie shard into a tier 5 angry zombie shard. From there...
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    Whitelist Server GrayCraft Relaunched Whitelist/PvE/Mindcrack/Mature/Survival/Mystcraft Installed

    Sorry for the late reply for you two, I've been very busy.
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    Whitelist Server GrayCraft Relaunched Whitelist/PvE/Mindcrack/Mature/Survival/Mystcraft Installed

    I have updated the thread to include all relevant information.
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    Hmm Eu Generation ideas.

    2 questions, what is Ars Magica and how can I use my tier 5 mooshroom shard to make eu?
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    Hmm Eu Generation ideas.

    Energetic Bees are a variation of Valiant Bees that you get by combining a Valiant with a Cultivated I believe. You get either excited or energetic, not sure what the first form is.
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    Hmm Eu Generation ideas.

    GT Lightning Rods. haven't ever done this myself.