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    Help with using Enjin plugin

    This might have already have been addressed but I was unable to find an answer, and Enjin support was a dead end. I am useing CreeperHost and when I try to upload the Enjin plugin (I'm using the Forge one) it crashes my server, well to make it clearer, it just will not start up, when I put the...
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    Time Question

    On my server, I am having a problem with the time not changing from day to night. I cannot find out why. The tics just don't tick. I can manually set it but that's it. Can anybody tell me if there is a setting or a command or a file that I can change it. Or is it a bad jar file? Thanks in...
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    Disable Gravity Gun

    Can anybody tell me how I can disable the gravity gun, I have Direwolf20 1.6.4 latest version on my server. I tried to add it to the blacklist in the config.yml but it did not work. Any thoughts.
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    Hi I'm new

    Hey I'm new to mods, I've been playing vanilla for a long time and finally just wanted to try something more. So far I love it, but it's a lot to take in, but I am having fun doing so. :)