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    Looking for a map mod.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section: I used to have a map mod that used the "level.dat" file that enabled you to open a 3d map out of game. The main funtion of that map that I'm interested in allowed you to use the elevation scroll to decend below the layers of your map, showing underground...
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    Advice needed...Recommend a keyboard and mouse.

    I need a new Keyboard and mouse. Are you using something that you would recommend ? Firstly, The keyboard needs to be mechanical and have a full layout. ie: numberpad etc. The mouse needs to have at least x2 extra buttons on the left side. That's about it as far as what I need. I don't play...
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    Sh!tting bricks

    Openblocks does it again. With yet another feature that MC has been missing for for far too long.
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    What mod is this message from ?

    As the title says. What mod is this from ? Anyone know ? Obv' I'm talking about the last message in red.
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    Need some help with Multimc 5 sound issue.

    I have used the mods folder and configs from the FTB DW20 1.6.4 pack and migrated them to Multimc5. The game runs fine with one exception. No game sounds ! Since the changes Mojang made to launching I have no idea where the game sound files are located or how they work anymore. (gone are the...
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    NEI Highlight tips help

    Sorry for a thread for such a simple question but couldn't find any info anywhere. By default the highlight tips show up at top right of screen. This conflicts with mini map. Yes I could move the mini map but I don't want to. Question: Is there a way I can move the highlight tips to show at...
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    Squee TV

    Best reality show ever.
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    Mysrcraft for 1.5.2 (public release)

    Public release Couldn't see it posted in any other thread.
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    LAPD in STAND OFF with Call of Duty STATUE!

    Does look pretty life like tbh. :) Edit: BTW, allthough a "DOH!" moment. I'm not making fun of the LAPD. I don't blame them being cautious. No respawn if they get it wrong....
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    Do FTB streamers take themselves too seriously ?

    Well yes. There are some that make you cringe with how important they think they are. But..... There is one, one who streams as God intended. Take a look....only 2 mins long. Note: content is 18+. Includes nudity and strong sexual content !
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    Looking for a turtle program to dig cylinders/ circles

    As the title says, looking for a turtle program to dig a circle / cylinder. I have searched various sites but so far have only come across builders that place blocks. I am looking for a program that will excavate an area. It would be prefered if it could dig either top down or bottom up. But...
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    All Forums /websites need this imo.

    Untill today I didn't realise the web was missing something... If FTB is to be taken seriously in the community then this needs to be part of the forum and wiki.
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    Thaumcraft research data where are you ?

    I couldn't think of a title that easily conveyed what I was after... Recently I have been playing hardcore a lot. As a result I tend to start worlds often while I get the hang of this new style of play. Most annoying for me though is each new world having re'do all the TC research again. Lost...
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    Advice on regenerating dimension 7

    So lets say all the cool stuff has been done in Twighlight forrest unless you travel 6000 blocks. What would happen if I destroyed the portal, loged out and deleted dimension 7, then loged back in and made a new portal ? Would that work ? Are there other things I need to consider ot edit ?
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    Witchs, huts and FTB.

    I don't really play vanilla, so I have no reference to go on as to how the witchs hut and the spawning of witchs work. But not once in any FTB pack have I seen a witch spawn near a hut. It's not for lack of coming across these huts either, I explore a lot and come across them all the time. Iv'e...
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    Death count ?

    (looking for a mod to run with ultimate that keeps a death count) I am about to start a new map in SSP using ultimate. The last map I tried to keep track of how many times I died using pen and paper. Needless to say I soon forgot and lost track. So, anyone know of a mod that works with forge...
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    Help with Logistic pipes. (Resolved)

    Yes, I know it's not in any pack by default but a lot of people add it. I need some help though. My system starts with a chest I dump anything and everything into. This chest has a Quicksort module. I then have a bank of chests with items I use a lot for crafting. These chests have polymorphic...
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    Days passed in Minecraft ?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.... I am looking for a mod that keeps track of days passed in Minecraft for a hardcore challange I have in mind. I have googled but can't find anything that works with 1.4.7. Any help or direction would be appreciated.
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    Mindcrack pack and Voxel mod question

    Hello, and sorry if this has been asked before. I couldn't find anything to answer my questions. So... I have a world that I have been playing on for a few weeks. It's survival world and single player. SSP. After playing for a few weeks I began to think is the voxel mod even relevant for me...
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    TC3 Enchanted Fabric

    First of all I have been around a while but only just got around to making an account. I will prob' end up kicking myself for being thick, but I tried to make enchanted fabric today and failed. I used a wool block with 4 string as shown in recepie. I had my wand in the table with 50 vis in it...