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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    I know I'm not a mod, but I'd like to suggest that we drop this and move on before one has to step in.
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    Recipe that may turn into a reality: Lush World Modpack

    Yes! Everything can easily be modified from the in-game config screen. And yes it does work with BOP. Do note that the crops are registered in the Oredict differently than other mods. However it can easily be fixed with a Minetweaker script.
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    Recipe that may turn into a reality: Lush World Modpack

    Sounds interesting. I would suggest that you add the Plant Mega Pack, as it would go great with this theme.
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    Request Can someone help with Mo Creatures?

    I remember seeing this crash before. Try removing Custom mob Spawner
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    How to make vanilla tools useless?

    The mod you're looking for is Iguana's Tinker Tweaks
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    Actually Mojang revealed the path blocks around the same time as Vazkii showed off the ones in Botania. And the beetroot was originally from the Pocket Edition.
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    WTF is this?

    It doesn't mean that the Lush Swamps are replaced. When two biomes share an id they both have a chance to spawn
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    WTF is this?

    It isn't that simple to fix. Because of the new vanilla biomes in 1.7 it gives less biome ids for mods and since Biomes O' Plenty takes up most of them it leaves little room for dimensions. It isn't intentional. Look in the ids config and you'll see that it conflicts with the Lush Swamp biome.
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Don't know how this hasn't been mentioned yet. @10paktimbits mods have a new home! You can now find the Plant Mega Pack and Decoration Mega Pack at his new website!
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    Request Looking for a modpack...

    You must have played the early betas of Magic Farm 3. MF3 no longer has HQM and is a really well balanced pack. Although probably won't be what the OP is looking for as it doesn't have Mariculture.
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    Fun mods available for 1.8

    If you're interested in building I would recommend the Plant Mega Pack and the Decoration Mega Pack by @10paktimbits
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Ever feel like the oceans are kind of bland? Well here is thehippomaster21 with the 1.7.10 release of Aquatic Abyss!
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    Mod-of-the-Month: July 2015

    I have to agree. With these packs HQM becomes more of "make this" or "make X amount of..." Where as with SimpleAchievements you can do something similar to the challenges in the new version of Botania. I think it's still possible to make a good pack in the short time you give yourselves; I just...
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    Horizons: Daybreaker Released

    Mo' Creatures can be put into modpacks for Curse Voice only. That is because it doesn't actually distribute the mods and merely downloads them from Curse. And for everyone complaining how mod "X" isn't in this pack or that mod "Y" is, do remember that this pack is to showcase mods that are new...
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    what is your favorite mod :P

    That's a hard question I love most mods :p. But if I had to narrow them down I would say that Thaumcraft, Buildcraft and Plant Mega Pack would be my favorites.
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    Mod Updator For Custom Modpacks

    Actually, Curse Voice allows you to update mods just by clicking a button. Go here to download it and once it's installed go to the settings menu to install the Minecraft plugin. That plugin will allow you to install any mods on the Curse website directly to a custom profile.
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    Would you play on this type of server?

    Oops! Didn't see them. Another thing that might encourage trade is if crops actually needed certain biomes and conditions. Hmmm IIRC @VapourDrive was working on a mod that might work. Although he's most likely far from releasing it. :(
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    Would you play on this type of server?

    I would like to add to this. I would highly recommend Railcraft as well as its sister mods (Buildcraft and Forestry). That mod family has always worked well with GT.
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    Restricting mod access

    I think Progression is the mod you're looking for
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    need help adding a mod to a pack

    In the future when you need help with a crash please post the crash report on pastebin and post a link in your post. It'll make it a lot easier for us to help. For this issue I'm thinking you're having the same issue as I was. Try updating Pneumaticraft to the latest version and see if that...