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    Summer is coming! Any plans/goals?

    With summer about to come for America, I am getting excited, and no school! I don't really have any special plans or goals for the summer, but do any if you plan to do something cool or try to accomplish something?
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    10,000th thread on General FTB Chat (I'm sorry, I had to do it)

    Just saw that there were 9,999 threads on General FTB chat so.. Again, sorry for spam, I just had to. This can also be used to realize how many people apparently use FTB/FTB Forums, it really is a lot.
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    How have YOU wasted an afternoon on modded recently?

    Sometimes we spend a whole afternoon/night working on something or collecting something then *poof* it's all gone to a single death. How have you recently been doing something for a long time and then had it all just go away in an instant? I like these kinds of stories That just happened to...
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    Unstable's out for 1.7 - Any opinions yet?

    The first 1.7 FTB pack just came out, Unstable, it is a testing pack but does anyone have any thought about it yet? The first thing I noticed was that it doesn't have ic2 advanced machines, which does have a 1.7 version out, I can't wait for more 1.7 mods to fill this pack up. :D
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    Ultimate for 1.6.4?

    I liked the ultimate pack best of all FTB packs, and I think an ultimate for 1.6.4 with the same, but slightly modified mod list, would be very nice, I've heard that Ultimate is still the most popular pack, so I think that shows people like the mod list best. If an ultimate for 1.6.4 was made, I...
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    Base Idea

    I'm about to start a new Monster + Gregtech and ArsMagica 2 world and I can't figure out what kind of base to make. I want a base with at least rooms for a large machine room(gregtech machines sometimes need multiblocks), a magic room for ars alters and thaumcraft infusion altar, a mass storage...
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    Mods-New vs Old

    So as we all know, mods get changed with newer versions, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. I would like to know what mods other people wish would have stayed the same from last versions. Tell why you liked the older version of the mod better or why it shouldn't have changed. For me...
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    [HELP]Overload - World not Loading

    I got the new Overload pack and I am running it in version 0.5 and whenever I make a world or load the one I made it freezes at the dirt background screen, please help me. Thank you
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    Broken Volcano Biome?

    So I logged onto the FTB server I play on and the volcano biome which my house is in is broken I think. In the area around my house there is no ash stone or ash block and it ruins my base area. Would show a picture but the upload on imgur and on this site keeps failing D:
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    Teleporting Lag [HELP]

    So on the FTB server I play on whenever I go through a Portal2 portal or use a linking book I get a weird lag. It's not FPS lag, that's fine, but it takes a really long time to open chests or doors or do anything but after a little while it stops. With portals the lag lasts longer than using...
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    Minium stone not working?

    I am using the FTB Ultimate Pack v1.1.2 and I needed obsidian so I tried using my Minium stone with wood to get it and no recipe came up, I looked in NEI and it said my recipe was right but it wouldn't work, please help!
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    Underground Base Ideas

    On FTB I am in the process of moving my base and I need some inspiration, I am going to clear out a bunch of area underground and make a base out of it, I'm not sure exactly what I want it to look like, so please post pictures of your underground base(s) to give me or anyone else inspiration. (...
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    Quarry Sorting

    On my FTB world I made a quarry with a steady power source using lava, I would run it but it is a big quarry and I don't know how to sort it's output, I am most likely going to use a bunch of barrels but if I get a better suggestion I will use it. Please leave any good quarry sorting ideas you have.
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    [SOLVED] Charging Quantum Suit Boots

    On my FTB world I just made quantum suit boots, I also made a Lapatronic Energy Storage Unit (LESU) and charged it up fully. When I tried to charge my quantum boots nothing happened, I put them in the charging slot in the LESU and they went in, but didn't charge, please help! I am using the...
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    Help with broken world please - Ultimate Pack

    A few days ago I was going to play my FTB world and when I logged in it started downloading the mod pack like an update and I let it. It finished and I went to my world and it was gone so I took it out of the old FTB folder and put it in the new ultimate folder on my desktop that the update...