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    Mariculture - Pearl Automation

    Just a couple ways to automate your pearl harvesting. :D
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    Nearly Infinite Experience (Enchanting) Direwolf20 Pack v1.0.11

    This is a bug/glitch found by a friend of mine. It requires a few items: Enchanting Table Setup (Level 30 is best) Experience level 31+ OpenBlocks Exp Drain OpenBlocks Tank Something to enchant
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    Automated Blaze Rod Generator

    I saw some people talking about how they didnt want to use a blaze shard for blaze rods, not sure why, but this is what i came up with as an alternate solution. It is very compact, cheap and easy to understand. I'm using the FTB Ultimate pack in the video. Feedback is welcome.
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    xBCrafted 1.6.4 DeathCraft Monster UHC SMP + Agrarian Skies SSP (+ Seed Spotlights)

    Hello all, I'm xBCrafted. I started doing commentary on seed spotlights mainly. But, i also ventured into Feed The Beast. Here you will find the random adventures I find myself on while trying to learn more about the modpacks and hopefully help others learn along the way as well. All my videos...