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    So... Why are the Voxel mods in FTB anyway?

    I mean, I won't say they're BAD mods, but Voxel mods are generally kinda cheaty creative mode tools while FTB mostly focuses on survival... How did this come about? What are they supposed to be adding to the FTB experience?
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    Select Pack Version

    When Direwolf20 v5 and Mindcrack v8 came out, there was an option under "edit mod pack" to select a pack version. That option is no longer there. What happened to it?
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    The Wiggles

    So if you watch the B-Team Mindcrack videos/streams, you may have heard them mention something they call "the wiggles". Essentially the controls lock up and your character keeps moving/turning on its own without player interaction for a few seconds. I never experienced this in the past, but I've...
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    What is worth silk touching?

    With the current versions of Gregtech, Thermal Expansion, and all the other mods, what is currently worth silk touching? What would you be better off using a fortune pick on?
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    launcher wants to update even though I'm on the latest version

    I downloaded Direwolf20 pack 5 (the one with forge 515) and added a couple mods, and now the launcher keeps wanting to do a modpack update even though I'm on the latest version.
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    So which pack are you spending most of your time playing?

    I'm curious which packs are drawing the most users!