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    Whitelist Server VisCraft 3.0 | Direwolf20 1.0.3 | Whitelist | Small Community | Mature | 20 slot | No Banned Items

    Ingame Name: Voidur Age: 17 Mod Experience: - About Yourself: From New Zealand. Going to Highschool. How long have you played minecraft?: 2 Years Do you/ Will you use Mumble: Sure Have you been banned before?:No If so why?:
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    Whitelist Server J-Craft |CLOSED

    In-Game name: Voidur Age:17 Have you ever been banned and why?: no Experience with FTB / Minecraft: Learned all of ultimate except bees. Country: New Zealand How much time can u play?:3-6 hours daily.
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    Whitelist Server Idrols Server[Monster 1.1.1][Whitelist][Grief Prev][TS3][Keep Items on death][24/7][dedicated]

    1. In-Game Name: Voidur 2. Age: 16 3. Country: New Zealand 4. Have you ever been banned? Why? No. 5. Do you understand that we won't tolerate cursing in the public chat? Ofcourse. 6. How long have you been playing a modded version (like FTB) of Minecraft?Started when Ultimate came out. haven't...
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    Whitelist Server Private Server|Australian|Monster v1.1.0|Whitelist|No PvP/Grief|Survival

    IGN*: Voidur SKYPE: Will pm. AGE*:16 Do you have experience with FTB if so what?(would love some pictures): I played a lot of ultimate then stopped when the server I was on switched over to Monster. What country do you live in?*: New Zealand How long will you play on the server for?*: For quite...