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    Merry Christmas Everyone! :D

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    Ok, whats up with the spam?

    Does anyone know why ftb forums is being targeted in particular for these spam posts? Its mainly "skin care" ones, but there have been a few fitness ones too...
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    The 10s Game

    Insipired by THIS thread, but more fun, as you only have to get a thing of 10. Same rules (dont post twice in a row), and I will post the winners here. Winners: Jedi13 -10 TomazM -20 HeilMewTwo -30
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    Automated Automation

    As the title suggests, I'm rather interested in Meta-Automation, or in Layman's terms, Automated Automation. I have a few ideas, but I want to hear some of your guys (and girls :P) thoughts. Try and come up with something, preferably not using Turtles/Drones or the like, as an extra challenge :P
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    BnB Deaths of a Noob (Being alive? BLASPHEMY, THE MIGHTY EYAMAZ HAS SPOKEN)

    Herro people. Im just gonna post some stuff while I play BnB, because eyamaz is evil. And by evil, I mean more evil than jadedcat (if that is even possible). So then... LETS THE DEATHS BEGIN!!! (And may the odds ever be against you (#InvertedHungerGamesRefference) Aaaaaaaaaand TAKE 1: Im playing...
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    Random stuff I feel like posting: Iron Foundry + EE3 = GG FTB. GG. If I (with my crazy shenanigans) were to make a 1.7/1.8 pack, with say, 1000 mods, would anyone download it to see the lag inducing glory? Igneous extruder are one of my fav blocks evar. I am absoloutly in love with RF. Everyone...