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    java crash help plz

    sry if its in he wrong place but its not a ftb mod pack and minecraft forums is to broken to use since it updated try to launch minecraft and it wont load but the developers console says this can some 1 help plz modlist
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    (sry if wrong place) what is this called in task mannanger?

    hi umm sry if this is in the wrong place was gonna post it in support but im not aloud :( when me loaded FTB luancher a few days a go this poped up and it wont go away im still able to play ftb thats just staying on my deskstop for some reason...
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    (dont know where to post this) qustions about 32bit blabla

    hai sry ive got no idea where to post this so sry if its in wrong spot ok so most of the ftb 1.6.4 modpacks cant be used on a 32bit bc the 1gb limmit so is that 32bit os or java? im just wondering bc ive seen posts of ppl saying to download 64java but dont see what java has to do with ram and...
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    (sry if posted in wrong place) is there a way to disable something a mod broke?

    dont know how to word it so sry if u cant understand my spelling think its forge that dose it but me coud be wrong in vanilla in 1.5 when u rightclick a stack of items u take 1 item but in ftb it takes half a stack like pre 1.5 is there away to disable that? right clicking for 1 item is much...
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    looking for a server:) (dont know where to post this)

    hi guys looking for a server dont care if its mindcrack or dw pack but looking for 1 that has mo creacher and mabe thaumicbee dont really matter on the bee mod but woud love it if theres a server that has both of thos mods :) (thort me posted this in General Discussion sry)
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    Problem servercraft when updating to mindcrackV7

    updated my ftbmindcrack server from mindcrackV6 to mindcrackV7 and every time me try to open the server it gives me this error message ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Shall we play a game? Time: 12/01/13 13:53 Description: Exception in server tick loop...
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    any 1 got a ue server?

    hi never played ue befor want to give it a go but hate to play ssp unless its for testingi n creative dot know y but muti player is more fun then singel player so dose any 1 have a server up ? :)
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    is there any forge mod that disable comarnds?

    just wondering if theres any forge mod or something that can disable /gamemode got a feeling my ops are using it to cheat want to see how fast they can build stuff if me have gamemode and /item disabled S:
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    monkeycraft|mindcrack|White list

    server closed my machen cant handle hosting a modded server :(
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    just wondering is christmascraft gonna be addedto ftb for christams??? just a thort
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    any 1 hosting a ftb magic modpack server yet ?

    no clue where to post this so posted it here to be safe hi :D looking for a server that uses the magic modpack 1 that has no greafing rule me can only find servers that are ok with greafing D:
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    silver fish spawn randomly now @[email protected]?

    what mod adds silver fish block randomyl genorated? just wondering bc me keep hitting silver fish blocks when digging
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    config files help :D (ores)

    ok im gonna be hosting a ftb server on weekends and me want the server to only genorater copper and tin from foresty not ic2 me know u got to do something to the config files but me dont know what little help pritty plz :D
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    how to install optifine?

    was playing on a ftb beta server lastnight and a bunch of us was having FPS problems me know the luncher is in beta and blablabla still optifine has to help me dont want to mess anything up so me am asking how do u install optifine to the FTB modpack ? is it the same as installing it to a...