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    Launch the game without Twitch?

    I made my own profile with mods from the Curse website. From what I understand, when I want to play I have to launch "Twitch" go to Minecraft, select my profile which opens a special instance of the Minecraft launcher, then I click play. Isn't there a shorter way to directly launch the game?
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    Tesseract weird texture after breaking

    After placing, destroying and placing back a tesseract, the texture changed to this... It still works. I tried restarting minecraft and changing texture pack but it still stays messed up. What's wrong?
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    I see that the Direwolf20 1.6.4 pack has updated to 1.0.19 today. I want to know where I can find information about the changes. - The launcher says nothing except that it's a beta pack which is false according to a post on this forum - The website stays true to its reputation of being useless...
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    Are the issues with chunk loaders solved?

    In my years of Minecraft I tried to stay away from chunk loaders/anchors/etc because I kept reading about chunk resets and other problems for no reason or sometimes because an ender chest or a tesseract was near. I'm playing DW20 1.6.4 and I want to know if these problems are solved or if they...
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    How to disable enemy spawn in Direwolf20 1.6.4?

    In our previous 1.6.4 server with many mods we could disable an enemy spawner by putting torches all around to prevent darkness but it doesn't work in Direwolf20 1.6.4, how can we do it now?
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    Itemduct problem, missing items

    Hello, I have a series of TE machines that all output to a gold chest via impulse itemducts. I also have a sheep shearing farm that plugs into the same duct. The problem is that the product of the machines (which are two blocks away from the chest) sometimes disappear in another dimension and...
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    Disable update message

    Hello, Each time I connect to a FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 server I get 10 lines of update spam in the chat from various mods. I am not the owner of the server so I can not do anything about outdated mods and anyway even if I was I wouldn't update mods individually. How can I turn those spam message...
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    Zans Minimap 1.6.4

    Hello, I have a small issue with Zans Minimap 1.6.4 (which is actually VoxelMap). The top left corner seems to be full of squares: Do you know how to fix that?
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    Ultimate - Green Sapphire Ore missing

    I have a fresh FTB Ultimate install and it is missing the Green Sapphire Ore from RedPower: It's not in NEI nor in the creative menu. I can still see it in NEI if I look the Green Sapphire recipe tho. If I cheat the item number, it gives me a Ruby Ore.
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    Gregtech disabled, still shows recipe

    It seems Gregtech manages to infuriate me even when turned off! So the server has Gregtech disabled but NEI still shows some Gregtech recipe like the Advanced Solar Panel but others like the Macerator or basic Solar Panel are fine, what's up with that?
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    Redpower insulated wire

    I wanted to optimize one of my machine so I changed the red allow wire for a white insulated wire because the wiki says it won't energize each block it touches (which means less lag), however, I found that it does energize the transposers it touches even if the wire just goes over it and I tried...
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    Blulectric Engine

    I want to use a blulectric engine to power the lasers for an assembly table. I read that the engine can't interact with a laser so I must use something to link them. Now the problem is that I find conflicting information about whether or not it would work with a redstone energy conduits. The...
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    IC2 miner and ender chest

    Hello, I have this setup for my miner: IC2 miner with a pump, powered by 3 advanced solar panels. The miner puts stuff in the ender chest and the pump in the normal chest. I my base I have a timer that transfers stuff from the ender chest to a gold chest. I have three question: 1)...
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    Rubber tree, add/remove wood

    Hello, I have a small rubber tree farm (manual) and I want to know what will happen if I add rubber wood on top of the wood of a tree? Will rubber be able to spawn there? Also if I remove a block of wood from a tree, does it permanently break it and makes it stop producing? Can I simply place...
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    Thaumcraft research order

    Hello, Does anyone know a place where I can see the research order in Thaumcraft, I'm trying to get specific things and it keeps giving me something else because of the random system that prevents someone to plan something. I think the solution would be to get a list of research in order they...
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    Powered rail

    I see the track recipe was removed and replaced with one that requires steel instead of iron for the sides with the stick in the middle. I can live with that even tho it requires a debug machine to get the correct steel (gives an unfinished product feeling). But now I need powered rails and they...
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    Powering Thermal Expansion machines

    I tried the infinite water+Aqueous Accumulator+Steam engine setup to power my 3 Thermal Expansion machines (Pulverizer, Powered furnace and Sawmill) but I found that it would quickly deplete energy when 2 machines were running at the same time and I didn't want to add engines and having to feed...
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    Interdiction torch equivalent?

    Is there an item similar to the interdiction torch?
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    Mod order, mod names, scrolling and news

    Please fix the list of mods in the launcher so it's in the same order in each pack, preferably alphabetical, and use the same name ie: IC2 vs Industrial Control 2, Redpower vs Redpower 2. Also, put the pack logo in the scrollable part so we can see more than five lines of mods. Also, in the news...