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    Interesting Ore Processing Methods?

    Looking for something that's not your basic "funnel ore into this box and give it power, get dust out" for my next run. Doesn't have to be anything better than double yield. Not embers, mostly because I did that my last run and I'm looking for something new. Mekanism's higher tier ore...
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    I think it might be time to expand beyond my starter house

    Playing on the Direwolf20 1.12 pack with a couple extras (including Prefab). Things are getting a bit packed in. Pulverizer+Smelter, another pulverizer, induction smelter, forestry sqeezer feeding into an integrated dynamics drying basin, three steam engines (one boiler, two to use the steam...
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    Found an odd Astral Sorcery structure underground

    Looks kinda like the underground part of a major temple/shrine (where the crystals spawn). Marble walls, and it had a piller along the center. In the center of the pillar is a stone/ore that keeps respawning. Anything special about it? Does it eventually run out? Is there something I have to do...
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    Are there any MC1.12 mods that can do redstone+RF to the same block face, besides xnet?

    Need this for a build idea I originally (in 1.10) used ender-io for, and xnet's a bit clunky for this (channel for power+2 channels per redstone in/out pair adds up quickly when a block only has 8 channels). Am I just going to have to make do with xnet until ender-io is out for 1.12? It's a...
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    Probably going to include pokecube in my next playthrough of a pack

    Any tips? MC1.11 if that matters. Pack is a self-made "kitchen sink" with all the usual suspects, at least the ones that are on 1.11 right now. Also, how much does it take over the world? Not so much in a technical sense, I understand that part. Added trainers, optionally removed vanilla...
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    Good 1.11 pack?

    At least a couple mods have just plain stopped updating for 1.10 and since the usual suspects (direwolf20, beyond) don't have a 1.11 pack yet, I'm looking for suggestions. I mostly like kitchen sink packs, though I certainly would check out a quest pack if it looks interesting. Right now I...
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    [MC1.10] Options for a sponge-like effect that can move with a Funky Locomotion Build?

    Yep, another question relating to my chunk eater. This is probably the last one I'll have. I'm currently on FTB Beyond, but have no problems adding additional mods. I'm basically looking for something that can both keep the rig itself dry, and preferably deal with liquids below the...
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    [MC1.10] Any tips on reducing lag with a large funky locomotion machine?

    I've got the basic build of my funky locomotion/AE2 chunk eater, and I'm testing out motion to make sure everything stays together. Thing is, I'm getting some pretty serious lag whenever the thing moves, and video options seem to have limited, if any, impact. Any tips?
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    Is there a preferred button/gui api for opencomputers?

    I know there's the port of direwolf20's CC button api, and I'm looking through the apis on the oc forums, but I was wondering if you guys have a preferred api. I probably don't need more than buttons for my current project, but that doesn't necessarily mean I won't be interested in other features.
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    [MC1.10] Compact Funky Locomotion 6-axis drive?

    I'm trying to find/make a compact 6-axis drive for a frame quarry, and so far I'm having significant issues. I think an example build or two might help.
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    [MC1.10] Best Thermal Expansion Dynamo in your opinion?

    I'm looking at my early to mid game power, and I'm thinking TE dynamos to supplement my Environmental Tech solar. Some of my thoughts: The process of turning Liquifacted Coal into Refined Fuel for the Compression Dynamo yelds a pretty good amount of sulfur, useful for keeping a stock of...
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    [MC1.10] Autobuilder options with built-in buildings and/or somewhere I can download user-created

    blueprints? Failing that, is there a site with a repository of user-created Schematica files? I don't really have the knack for base design, and my usual base ends up being a block of inter-connected 9x9s dug out of the underground, with the occasional larger room when I need it. So basically...
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    automate the ender dragon in mc1.10

    Is it possible? I tried googling but the stuff I found uses thaumcraft's corporeal attractor, which is obviously not available in this version at the moment.
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    1.10 Mods that can make millions rf/t

    MC1.10 dw20 pack, getting into draconic evolution and noting that my power production is going to start being taxed. Probably going to add a mod to fix this. I don't want to touch the extra utils rainbaw gen. Getting all the other gens to run, much less be automated, would be a nightmare...
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    Couple questions for Extreme Reactors

    I'm playing the Direwolf20 pack for MC1.10, just so you know what materials are available. First question: What are some good cooling materials for the reactor itself? I know of manny and diamond blocks, anything else? Second, what are good materials for turbine coils? I basically know of...
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    dw20 for MC1.10: is there a way to evenly split items?

    Specifically, I've got a tree farm where I'd like half the logs to go to storage, and the other half processed into charcoal to feed my endoflames.
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    What's your favorite pre-alfheim generating flower for botania?

    Usually after I can make the runes for it I go for the Gourmaryllis, and before then the endoflame. For this playthrough, I'm considering maybe making a mass-endoflame area semi-automated, or maybe trying out something like that entropinnyum/AE automated system, except with Refined Storage...
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    Quary/automining options available in the 1.10 dw20 pack?

    I know there's the builder (rftools), blood magic has the magnetism/crusher combo, and AA and IC2 have machines that dig smaller holes. Anything else? Bonus points if it can apply either fortune or silk touch.
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    Now that AE2 has a 1.10 release, do people prefer it or Refined Storage?

    I've done a couple playthroughs using the Curse Client to make my own pack on 1.9/1.10, as mods updated. At first, EZ Storage was the only existing "mass storage" thing. Then we got Refined Storage, a new-ish mod that self-advertises as a "AE1" style mod for 1.9 and later 1.10. I loved having...
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    Is there anything that can automate Random Things beans in Unstable 1.8?

    Golems don't want to replant, and Progressive Automation planters wont plant them. I'd appreciate knowing if there's a mod, either in the pack or available for 1.8.9 that can automate these. I'm wanting to use bean soup for the gourmaryllis, since it'd be faster than my current source of a golem...