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    [1.7.10] Elysium Modern Warfare (PvP, Faction)

    Pack Code EMW Elysium Modern Warfare is a PvP / Faction modpack, the official server address is in the pack. Discord: Website: Attentive Staff High-end Dedicated Server The server features a custom-made dungeon challenge, groups...
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    Centrifugal Fluid Extractor from RC -- What am I missing?

    I *think* I satisfied the requirements. 1) Has 16+ source blocks of water above it 2) Surrounded on three sides by water 3) 512nm of torque (2x microturbines-->16x gearbox in torque mode) 4) Below y=45 but yet no heavy water... what did I miss? This is a custom modpack using FTB...
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    RotaryCraft Integrated Gearboxes Upgrades

    Figured out how to make them and put them into machines, anyone how to change modes from torque to speed?
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    Project Ozone 2 Server with Thermos

    I have one running, Thermos 57 1614, and I am getting crashes when players generate new chunks in the Ererbus. Lots of "Already Decorating" errors. The fix proposed on the Thermos github issue tracker ( did not work for me. Anyone else...
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    FTB Utilities add TP for Players

    I would like players to be able to use the TP command. I played with config.json and added "tp": true, as a guess to how it might work, but I do not think I am doing it right. Is there documentation as to what is possible with the configs for this mod? }, "commands": { "back": true, "home"...
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    FTB Inventions Enable MFR Chunkloader

    I'd like to enable it. I know you can load chunks with FTB Util, but I want to this anyway. Can't find the config or script to turn it back on. Any tips?
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    Have A Spare Server, Need Suggestions on Modpack to Host.

    I'd like to put an idle server to some use, I usually run custom packs, but I'd like to try a mainstream pack this time. I usually favor tech-heavy packs, but this time I'm open to almost anything, only exception is I prefer no PVP and no Pixelmon. Post what your favorite modpacks are, and I'll...
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    My Minecraft E-Book

    So I've written a short Minecraft novella and published it on Amazon. Still fixing some formatting issues, but if anyone would like to take a look, its at: Mods: If this is in the wrong section please advise.
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    Signs That You Play Too Much Minecraft

    Parked in an unfamiliar lot. First thought was I'll need to waypoint my car.
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    SFM and Minechem2 Fusion Chamber

    Need a little guidance. I've been watching Direwolf20's excellent video tutorial, but need help putting the pieces together. My goal is to use SFM to automate the conversion of Hydrogen in to Gadolinium (64) using only one fusion chamber, and combine that elsewhere for other things. I can...
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    Hello all!

    New to the FTB forum, looking forward to creating a tech-based back or two, once I learn how things are done here. Love the launcher.