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    [1.7.10] Elysium Modern Warfare (PvP, Faction)

    Pack Code EMW Elysium Modern Warfare is a PvP / Faction modpack, the official server address is in the pack. Discord: Website: Attentive Staff High-end Dedicated Server The server features a custom-made dungeon challenge, groups...
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 Server Crash

    paste a link to the entire log
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    Severe Lag Issues SF3

    Without a log it's hard to say.
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    Java SE binary error

    If your system has dual gpus (for instance, mine as has a crappy Intel gpu, and a less crappy Nvidia gpu) you may need to right-click on the launcher and choose the nvidia adapter. does this apply to you?
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    Java SE binary error

    Perhaps editing your file in /configs and setting it to Disable would help?
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    Java SE binary error

    org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated <--- go back to Java 8x64u25, its the only version that will work for you due to Windows 10 / Intel GPU / Java issues. Try re-installing that version of it, and choosing it via Jar launcher.
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    Java SE binary error

    The log says you are using Java 8x64 u25, if you are using the Curse launcher, have a look in here and change it to the newest 64 bit java
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    Java SE binary error

    Try a java re-install:
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    Java SE binary error

    The log doesn't contain whatever your Java popup error had it in. Could you provide a screenshot?
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    stuck on loading world screen until i force close minecraft

    Pastebin a log, and put a link to it here.
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    Best Recommended Hardware Specs for Modded Minecraft?

    I'd take Drbretto's advice too: For the CPU, definitely prioritize direct speed over number of cores and other fancy features. For the RAM, absolutely no less than 8 GB not intel integrated graphics (ie any dedicated graphics card*) <-----this is really key. Get one with an SSD too, if you...
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    Request Help with adding mods

    Make a copy of your server and add them to that, see if it breaks.
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    Player log to MySQL database may do what you want, but you'll need to be running Thermos, or some fork of Cauldron to use it, maybe Sponge?
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    Centrifugal Fluid Extractor from RC -- What am I missing?

    I did end up moving it upwards, then it worked. Mine is running now at y=37
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    Centrifugal Fluid Extractor from RC -- What am I missing?

    I *think* I satisfied the requirements. 1) Has 16+ source blocks of water above it 2) Surrounded on three sides by water 3) 512nm of torque (2x microturbines-->16x gearbox in torque mode) 4) Below y=45 but yet no heavy water... what did I miss? This is a custom modpack using FTB...
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    RotaryCraft Integrated Gearboxes Upgrades

    Figured out how to make them and put them into machines, anyone how to change modes from torque to speed?
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    Sky Factory 2.5 crashes when I load a certain world

    Backup your world. Go into configs, and open the file forge.cfg. You'll see two lines, one with removeErroringEntities and one with removeErroringTileEntities. At the end, they should both say false. Change false to true, and save. Try running the pack and world again, and see if that solves...
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    stuck on loading world screen until i force close minecraft

    See when your latest backup was done. FTB Utilities should have been doing that for you.