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    Detecting what kind of mob is in a safari net..

    So I am trying to build an autospawner setup, and because this is FTB and I have grown to love over-engineering every little thing, I have gotten myself into quite the snag. I am looking for a way to automatically detect what kind of mob is inside a safari net. Is there any way to do this that...
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    Coolest Twilight Forest Feature

    Hey guys I was just wondering what you all thought was the coolest thing in the Twilight Forest for me to check out... leave your thoughts and/or experiences. Thanks!
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    Too much iron

    Just as the title states, I have too much iron. I need to find ways to waste it XD
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    Help With Applied Energistics

    Well, as the title may suggest, I have no clue how to work this mod. It seems really epic, and I seriously want to use it, but I dont know how! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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    PowerPlant Design Help

    So I have run into a roadblock. On my server I am building a huge city, with plots to separate all the different sections and whatnot. I want to build two powerplants(1 for EU, 1 for MJ) but I am at a loss for creativity when it comes to the design. Anyone got any screenshots or ideas for me? By...
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    GT Nuclear Reactor Designs

    So I just loaded up an ultimate server that I plan on using for a while, and I wanted to know if anyone had some info on the new components to reactors that GT adds. I really like using reactors as a source of energy, and I imagine that theres gotta be some epic stuff I can do with the thorium...
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    Feed the Beast LP

    Hey guys here is a link to my channel, please feel free to leave feedback and/or a like! Thanks in advance!
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    Most fun method of IC2 Power Gen?

    So I already have two steam boilers set up, so I am set for MJ production, but I am currently lacking pretty seriously when it comes to IC2 power. I plan on setting up a Solar-From-UU-to-produce-more-UU-and-Solars-Factory, but I dont want solar power to be the main source of my IC2 power for...