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    Random thought about Mods with new Ores

    At which stage of mod loading (pre init, init, post init, ...) will be loaded: - blocks for worldgen - items - oreDict (meaning the time when new blocks/items are registered with oreDict)? Reason: We currently have many mods which add the same ores (copper, tin, ...). Would it be possible to...
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    Buildcraft and Forestry - Liquid Tank Size

    Does anyone of you know, why BC and Forestry chose 58px as the height of their liquid displays in GUIs? Is this a thing SpaceToad chose back in the day and was then continued by Sengir? This results in a different height per bucket (bucket 1+6 are 5 pixels high, 2-5 and 7-10 are 6 pixels high)...
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    How to feed a Bioreactor (MFR)

    What is a good way to make sure, that a Bioreactor from MFR only runs with all 9 internal slots filled (for max efficiency of 160mB Biofuel/item)? My current ideas are: a) Two buffers from RP2, where 9 of the 10 sides are filled by different seeds/saplings/..., on an external input (e.g. biofuel...
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    Sub-Forum General Discussion

    Can you please move the sub-forum "General Discussion" one hierarchy higher, e.g. out of the "Chat"-hierarchy? While viewing the list of sub-forums, the icon on the left is orange when there is at least one unread thread in that sub-forum or sub-forum hierarchy. Since "Chat" also contains "Forum...
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    MFR - Bioreactor. Values?

    Has anybody made some tests how good the MFR bioreactor is? Or is this information stated somewhere else? How much biofuel per tick/second/whatever is produced and how much energy does this cost? How are these values for a) one type only (are there differences between the types?) b) several...
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    Biome List

    Is there a list somewhere, where all the biomes (vanilla + extrabiomes) are listed with their temperature/humidity (in the categories relevant for bees)? I know of the list at, but this doesn't include the vanilla ones.
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    Linked Chunks Chunkloader

    Is there some mod with a chunk linking chunkloader? What I mean: A certain amount of chunks will be considered as linked. As soon as one of these is loaded, all others will also be loaded via this chunkloader. When none of these is loaded anymore by any means different from that loader, they all...
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    Bee Breeding Wiki

    Did you ever wonder, what the best possible temperature tolerance is for your bees? Which bees do you need to breed together to finally get that elusive diamonds producing bee? Which kind of flowers and "flowers" are used by the different bees? If you ever had questions like these, fear not...
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    What to do with my SSP world

    (Playing a modified MindCrack pack) The new Mystcraft is almost released (will be in the next DW20 update), now is the question, what I want to do with my world. I've been exploring far and wide, so all villages in a radius of >1000 have been raided, some even as far as 1600 from home...
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    Thaumic Bees

    Does anyone know, which aspects are needed in the research for Metabolic Frames? I already know I added Thaumic Bees to MindCrack v8 and am currently stuck very early in my researching endeavours. Only thing I've found so far via google is post from its thread at MCF: I'm at tier 1 :)...
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    Forge - Changelog?

    Where can I find a changelog for all the minor builds of forge?,4804.msg27333.html only has the changelog for #497, but no info about the newer ones. IC2 for example has one at
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    MindCrack v8 and Sawdust

    With the update to v8, GregTech now uses oredict unification with the output from TE machines. This also includes the sawdust produced by the sawmill. Problem: TE sawdust can be compressed and then burned to charcoal, GT wood pulp cannot. If your setup relies on charocal production from that...
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    TE 2.2.0: No more Niter->Saltpeter

    With the upcoming TE 2.2.0 version (the one with the tesseracts (teleport pipes)), Niter cannot be pulverized to saltpeter anymore. Currently I rely on this recipe in my automated fertilizer production for my fermenters. What are the best options to produce fertilizer in a world with TE...
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    Search for likes I gave out

    Is it somehow possible to search for posts, for which I clicked on the "Like" button? I've found only the option for likes I received. If this is not in currently: would it be possible to implement this?
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    Out of curiosity: Which of the fixed bugs in the launcher counts as an emergency fix? Nothing in the changelog sounds that critical to me. From slowpokes news on the 29th: From now on we will only be releasing mod pack and launcher updates on a Monday. This does not mean that we will be...
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    Blutricity - Complete Source of Info?

    Is there anywhere a complete source of information about blutricity? - Power generation method a, b, c produce x, y, z amount of energy - Influence of height on the windmills and which area needs to be clear of blocks to not hamper energy generation - Energy loss on transport through wire...
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    Redstone Energy Conduits

    Redstone Energy Conduits aren't better than BuildCraft Pipes in every regard, at least in the current MindCrack incarnation (BC 3.3.0 and TE 2.1.6). From the TE Wiki: "There is energy loss, it is not distance based; suffice it to say that these are indeed an improvement over conductive pipes."...
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    Forestry Wiki - Fermenter wrong values?

    After a couple of tests it seems, that the forestry wiki has wrong values for source -> biomass conversion. In my tests i used a redstone cell set to 80 MJ/t as output, with water and fertilizer as the other ingredients. After each test the fermenter was destroyed and refilled with 10 buckets of...
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    Iron Tanks - Adjacent?

    Can multiple Iron Tanks be built directly adjacent to each other, or do I have to keep a space of one between them?