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    Open Ender IO Not working with self or Mekanism

    Just observed the same behavior in 1.3.0. Edit: Went into creative and spawned in a new Capacitor Bank. New bank works EnderIO and Mek cables now accepting charge from both.
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    Long time player, first time introduction

    That's what was so great and sad about that lost Infinity world. So much time and love spent and lost. :(
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    Long time player, first time introduction

    Hello forums! I've been playing MC for a while, since the early days of managing .jars, manifests and such to create a mod pack. I hadn't played MC before, but some friends got me into playing on a modded server together. Eventually, we also played on an early Tekkit server together. I...
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    I finally discovered what all these *rang enchants did that I kept fishing up. ExU2 added a boomerang, and the enchants add some interesting functionality. You can harvest crops/grass, create explosions to damage mobs, and create one to fly far and fast. Excited to see what else is going on...