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    ars magica soon in direwolf pack?

    Ok so I watched And at the end he talks about having fun soon with this mod. In his playthrough. Anyway. What do you guys think yes it will be in single player or in his multiplayer. And how do you think this will kill...
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    i think there should be a snapshot and 1.5.1 on the launcher

    Ok. Here is my thoughts. As mojang gears up to 1.6 and irons out the bugs to 1.5.2 I think there needs to be current vanilla minecraft (so players can tweek or check out the mods that are current easy. Also as the snapsots come out (replaced only when version update catches up or there is...
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    is there a list of mods in ftb that are 1.5 or 1.5.1 ready and a list of mods that might not make it

    Ok what I need/want to know is what mods are 1.5 ready. I know twlight forest is already there same for several others. But some mods like forge irc, soul shards no one seems to know Atm as on the maker has not even posted there in over a month. So what I am asking here is for...
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    on mod Pack in testing use Twlight Forest Version 1.15.4 (March 2, 2013)

    Version 1.15.4 (March 2, 2013) Fixed anti-builder so it will replace its own replacement blocks Reappearing blocks respond to redstone pulses Implemented a variety of tower room themes in the main towers Several types of floors in the smaller towers as well Added entrance floor Fixed the fiery...
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    FTB wiki forum request.

    Ok I have been to the incomplete wiki that is a work in progress and seen where people have made hateful edits thus slowing down the work. I was wondering if a subsection could be made with a link posted to wiki website in top post. And in other stickys at the top the people in charge could...
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    twlight forest memory leak. and turtles

    Or so the people who run the server I am on say it has been removed and so have turtles to reduce lag. Anyone else have these issues?
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    two issues

    I cant post on this site from a moble like kindle fire the thext box where type does not prompt the keyboard. and for the mods that will be in the mod pack some i seem to have trouble finding info on like more plants. just wondering if there is a master link list on future mods on ftb.
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    well me.

    Lets see first games I played were on apple II and I never owned a sega. Or Sony game system. I have no issue being thought of as one of the 2 old muppets in the balcony. Often I come here on a kindle fire. So all typos are kindle fires fault.
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    Hotels server side mod Idea

    ok yeah had another idea born out of the 50th person in a single play session asking can i live with you? a sever side Hotel mod with /Check in and /check out commands what mod would do is create a hotel structure with rooms that a chest, furnce, a bed and a crafting table in every room...
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    ExtraBiomesXL i beleive that his mod is supposed to be in the pack. any while looking for more info on this mod i found this Page where the developer is asking for feed back you can see the block and what he is working on. without trying to go to the ever...
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    another mod idea from my mind instant food home.

    Ok here is the idea you live inside the growables in Minecraft Recipe Seed of plant type (pumpkin,Mellon,etc), bed,door(iron or wood) ,6 glass, 8 torches, 9 bones. Makes 1 instant plant house. Yes they stack if same type of house. To grow house place on ground place in interface inside 1...
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    wondering how 1.4 will impact current and future mod

    So I am thinking out loud here There are mods that have marble will the makers pull out their marble and go with minecrafts marble or will their be 2 types? There is currently emerald in a mod will/is the maker just changing name to another green gem or are their now 2 emerald blocks. Has...
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    Minecraft Snapshots Decussion ... t_versions info for snapshots link and New Snapshot 12w34a 8/23/2012 ■Added item frames ■Added cobblestone walls (yes, mossy too) ■Added Flower pot ■Crafted the same way as a bucket, but with Bricks ■Added new Full-screen toggle to the Video...
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    one new board area? and fish mod idea

    I have an idea for a mod. But can't code it. I think that there should be a mod idea/request board that is seperate from the mod discussion board because mod discussion implies a work in progress. Like my idea would be. Boats,fish nets, lobster traps water way makers. Fish farms etc it the...