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    Anyone want to build something crazy? Coding

    I'm going to start out if you have seen me post this somewhere else I apologize greatly. I have this obsessive idea that 1. Want to know if it's possible and 2. Really want someone to take on because I unfortunately cannot code. What I basically want is a custom remote desktop for...
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    Playing FTB on an Android phone, not to hard

    This is an example, This is a reddit post where I go more into detail. But this is done by an application called Remotr. And this is perfect for people like me who don't...
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    Brain Storm: Automated way to do bee breeding

    I've tried to think of a way to breed bees automatically using computer craft and the beealyzer, having all the possible bugging bee combinations in apiaries, create drones then move them on to the next stage until you have drones of each species. But I haven't started to do it in game and was...
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    So wait EE3?

    So wait, has anyone been watching twitter? Did EE3 just get released? Like a more developed version than alchemical bags?
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    Game Changer or No? I saw this on Twitter and I'm not to fluent yet so I ask, is this big or not or somewhere I'm between?
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    Projects Automation

    It's been a long time since I have played with Equivalent Exchange 2 and I haven't dived to deep into projectE yet. So as the title suggests, is there any way to automate the production of one item. Say I need alot of blaze rods, how could I convert emc to blaze rods automatically?
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    What Not to do When Modding

    I feel like I'm abusing this sub-forum but it's what I'm really into so here it goes! What are some definitely don't do's in minecraft modding? I hope this will reduce irritation for others who are learning. And it seems like an easier question to answer. Why ask what should I do when...
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    Code jam... Conspiracy... I think not!

    Anyone know that Google has their own code jam, sounds a lot like Mod Jam!
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    Rotarycraft Shaft Junction

    Why do my shaft junctions explode whenever I turn off the engines running them? I'm on the latest Rotarycraft
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    Tree Power(help?)

    I hope posting my ideas for mods isn't spam, but I want to get ideas out and such I was thinking of making a mod which would add a block that would be placed at the base of a tree. It would then generate power from the tree, for trees generate energy from the sun. I would want the block to...
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    Placing armour idea

    So what would people think about a mod that adds a chest piece or item that would deploy blocks or even better pipes at eye level, but behind the player. This would allow players to dig straight lines and lay cabling down easily at one time.
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    Computercraft Turtles, teleport peripheral?

    I have an idea to write a program where a turtle could teleport from one spot to another above energy cells and check their energy level and swap them out if need be. Instead of requiring pathways for the turtle to move or a block which teleport the turtle, I would like to know if there is a...
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    Fair Start Opinions

    I hope others are like myself, where the beginning of a world is very tedious. Chop wood, mine for hours, then proceed. For someone who doesn't have a lot of time to play, but still likes to have some aspects of survival, I would like to see the opinions of others where a healthy medium...
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    Closed 1.0.3: World Holes

    Version: 1.0.3 What is the bug: Large chunks are not loaded, happens continuously and repeatedly. Added mods are Dragon API v4c, Chromaticraft v4c, Electricraft v4c, Geostrata v4c, Rotarycraft v4c, Reactorcraft v4c, ProjectE 1.2.0 PE. Disabled mods BiblioMods, Biomes O' Plenty, Carpenters...
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    Do modders get jealous?

    As the title suggests, do modders get jealous in some way when their mod gets in a way replaced by another
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    Early game quarrying

    With all the new mods and such in the 1.7 packs, I'm curious what some early game automated mining options are. I started a turtle because that's supper cheap and how I normally start, but want to see if there are other cheap but effective methods?
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    Mod books?

    I only know a little about programming, but has anyone made an api that makes it easier for people to add in game wiki books to their mods? That seems like a good idea.
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    Interesting find

    Found some of this in my house the other day @Reika
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    Please Read.Soon to be Modder?

    Hi i have posted two threads here And here About mod ideas that i have and will start when i learn java. I was hoping to get a lot of feedback so im trying to spread out the...
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    Mod Idea The Outside

    Our world is the Inside, where everything exists and is made of the smallest unit called a philot (not factually correct, but close). The Outside is a place, if you can call it that, which is entirely these philots. But these philots are unassigned and want to be something. Instead of...