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    Request Mod Testing map

    This is something i was originally building with a mate who seemed to drop off the face of the internet, But it seems like a useful project that i'd like to try doing again anyways, The intent is to make a map which contains most of the stuff you could want to puzzle out mods in SP , Pools of...
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    Request Will G-Keys work with FTB/Minecraft systems?

    I'll be buying a new keyboard that boasts extra "G-Keys" Does anyone have an idea weather or not you can use these keys for functions like minecraft? Because with a lot of mods the keys get kinda crowded!
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    Request Which pack for a biosphere?

    So for show, I'm making a fully realized biosphere in minecraft (Real world functions accounted for and all) Clearly i realized: A modded pack is the way to go to make it look super spiffy! But the question is which one has the most awesome stuff that would look good in a screenshot set /...
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    What should i do with all this wheat?

    I've been recommended some stupid things such as "Make a crapload of bread" with the wheat from my new forestry multifarm that i'm using to get seeds for seed oil (What all else can i make that thing farm if i need it to, And how do i safely extract the old circuit board o_O)
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    What's the "easiest" auto farm device in unleashed?

    I need seeds for doing bee stuff, And manually farming wheat takes all day, I figure there (Might) be some convenient MFR thing
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    So what pipe do i need NOW?

    A long long time ago, In the days of tekkit, There was a pipe, This pipe if placed in conjunction with other pipes, Would make sure that it filled up one inventory before sending it to the next (Afterwards it would start filling the next inventory) I dont know what pipe (If any) serves this...
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    [Help?] World Alteration

    I have a world, This world was a creative server's that's now in my possession, The problem? A lot of people used ice for windows, Put fire in places where it would normally catch fire to other things, But that was only working because the server had fire and melting ice disabled. And i don't...
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    Are they EVER gonna patch this T_T

    Lord know how long this bug has been around, And still! nothing!
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    Create ModPack Shortcuts (Proposed Button addition)

    Just thinking of an idea, An option to make a little shortcut that if you click it it'll just immediately go and launch that modpack assuming you have your login details in already, Probably a stupid, to-be-shot-down-immediately idea, But i felt like sharing it
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    i'm starting to think there should be profiles for enabled-disabled mods

    Honestly, Ever since unleashed and unhinged surfaced, connecting to different servers has been a hassle of turning random mods off/on, Curious if it would be hard to impliment
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    Neat Trick: Free Music Fortress 2

    This is something i learned digging about in my TF2 files. (Note, Post-Steam-Pipe they all appear to be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\sound Often, When you visit non-oficcial TF2 servers, They download a bunch of almost never used files for...
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    Why not make configuration changes so unhinged and unleashed can support old worlds?

    I do an LP, And it's really starting to piss my guys off how we keep having to start over for one reason or another, So couldn't the configuration just get written up so we can use a world from ultimate in unhinged/leashed ? I mean it's just block ID's, It seems feasible to ME anyways, Not...
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    Can i protect a zone from being worldedited unauthorized?

    so there's a troublesome admin who keeps tampering with a zone, And i dont want anything touching that zone *Already a no build zone* Can it be protected from worledit? Is there a flag?
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    Could steam take ANY measures to fix TF2's economy?

    Look, i have 788 hrs on record playing team fortress 2 cumulatively over a couple of years, And i really love the game Loved it before i was even able to play it, I watched enough instructional to know how to play when i loaded into my first match, And for a while, it did have a...
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    VoxelQuestion (Ultimate Pack)

    So i look over all the "voxel" mods in the pack and i'm like, What...? VoxelMap, Voxelplayer And Voxel-Everything-The-Hell-Else Is quite obviously intended for creative servers! And they provide unfair advantages, And are shipped with the pack D:! And i am curious who thought it would be...
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    How many security measures can i put in place?

    Simply saying "Don't fuck with me" doesnt work as well as i hoped, Measures i can think of are: MFFS (Not entirely exploit proof) Remote location (Some guy literally made a cheat mod to find me a hundred thousand blocks away, Not really functional in my experience) Alternate fucking...
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    Can NEI be made to show EVERY item?

    I don't care if it shows items that aren't legitimately possible, I still want it to show absolutely every possible item, Including half-doors, Hardened, Colored CFoam, Etc
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    Ampz and IC2

    Ampz, totally not just retitled voltz, (Not what i'm here to talk about but whatever) Has some pretty neat stuff, But i want to do some things IC2 style, Will powerconverters work to deal with power between the two? (And what version of ampz is n 1.4.7?) because i put power converters itno...
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    Is it me, Or does all this "Voxel" shit really grind some gears in MP?

    Enables the user to see the nameplate from a much greater distance than previously possible (about 2-3 times as far). Now on most SMP servers, you kinda might not want someone to see you from a vast distance, Makes any kind of stealth hard, And i need to like, Burry my base 2-3 times as deep...
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    Can i ID/Tag base intruders?

    So nobody is supposed to be in my base unnatended, And detecting if somone has been in is one matter, Telling explicitly who is another, I'm wondering if it's possible, Perhaps something clever involving CC