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    Bug Server Crash with Auto Chisel

    I was using the auto chisel from the Chisel mod pack to crank out a large number of pretty blocks and when the chisel was about to break from use, the game crashed. Is repeatable. Tried to research, there might be an issue with sound playing on break contributing to the crash but it seemed...
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    [1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

    Current version (1.1.1) of this game is nonsensical. Assuming that someone has played Agrarian Skies seems to be a poor design feature, consider changing this or explicitly stating that it is a prerequisite. Beginning quests need to be more linear, having to restart multiple times (due to...
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    How to keep server up to date with client?

    Also, in case anyone else is wondering, it seems 4 mods were updated in the pack after it was released. I retrieved the version my server was using on 3/5 and I compared the mods directory contents to the current download. 15c15 < 895708 Mar 3 11:09 --- > 896873 Mar 11 19:40...
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    How to keep server up to date with client?

    That thread, at least in its current incarnation, is pretty useless since it's the versions of the mods that are the issue and the thread doesn't have any mention of that. However, I think the strategy that seems to best apply here is to update the server and then email my players and ask them...
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    How to keep server up to date with client?

    Sorry, either I am not being clear with the problem statement or you are purposefully ignoring what I'm saying. The current version of the mod client pack listed as v1.0.1 is different that the mod pack distributed previously under the same version number. This is demonstrated in the fact...
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    How to keep server up to date with client?

    darkinnit, I understand what you are suggesting. However, that largely doesn't matter to me. If all clients were being consistently updated to 1.15.3 I could deal with that by presumably pulling down the updated server pack and applying the mod and a server re-start. The issue is two-fold; not...
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    How to keep server up to date with client?

    I think my issue is more fundamental than this. Clearly FTB updated the Ultimate pack with a newer version of Twilight Forest but did not increment the packs version number. Since I was depending on the version number to increment with any changes to the pack as the clue/guide to update the...
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    How to keep server up to date with client?

    I have an FTB Ultimate server that I stood up about a month ago. I was thinking I could keep it up to date by paying attention to the FTB mod pack version number (1.0.1 when I set it up and now) and yet this past week a mod in the pack (twilight forest) was updated but the version # of the...
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    Anyone want to help sort InvTweaksTree.txt?

    Simply, you rock & Thank You!
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    Please add backpack mod to Feed the Beast?

    There's like 3 or 4 different backpacks/bags/pouches that comes with FTB between Forestry, RedPower, Thaumcraft, and Enderstorage you have a lot of portable storage options. I say this in all sympathy as I understand where you're coming from with your request. One of the challenges that will...
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    RedPower news, and thaumcraft

    Yes, now in delicious irony many of the other mods are not ready for 1.4.6 yet.
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    Red Power 2 News

    I would be excited about this except for the fact that now I need to be concerned about the side effects of hell freezing over. Going to be too busy to play with RedPower while avoiding an alternate apocalypse. So thanks I guess, but I need to go work on solving a way to re-heat the nether.