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    AMD or intel

    What is the advantages of those branches for a cpu I myself prefer intel but what has AMD to offer? Ps im just curious send from a thing
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    O M G

    Im probably not the first one to say this but i just found this section of the forum be overflowed by spam
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    logistics pipes or AE?

    I see so many people use AE I wonder if anyone uses lp instead/before AE. I myself uses lp because it gives my base a operational look Let me know what you think☺ send from a thing
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    Pc problems

    Hello everybody i got a problem My pc wont boot after i forced to shutdown (deu the hard drive was in a loop ) strangely enough i hear no beep when trying to boot Here is a list of symptoms -pc won't boot -no beep -bios doesn't start up -nothing on the monitor -fan does start -dvd/cd drive...
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    Mods that deserve ressuruction

    Ever had a mod you loved but never updated to later versions if minecraft well i think we know all at least 1 My fav dead mod -scpcraft A mod that added various scp (anomylous objects/entetys) Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9515 met Tapatalk
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    looking for a server

    as the title says im looking for a server but not a public one. the reason for that is due my very horrible experience (griefing unlogical banning the list goes on). i dont really care wich pack although i prefer 1.6 or 1.7 packs. i should also mention that i can mostly play during weekends...
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    hellooooo everybody Let me introduce myself

    Hellooo everybody im geckogamer And i am a little bit famililair with tech/magic mods. My first pack i played was monster. i came here to discuss and help other people. this introduction is a little bit late but later is better than never. On the side note i am have a new Phone wich have darnm...