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    Bug Server Crash with out of Memory,

    I updated my Server to 2.0.1 with a map reset, after some lags and building a platform in the nether some ghasts attacked me with many lags and I fell out of the world and then I had a out of memory error. I set my max from 2 (default) to 6 GB and it still crashs when I join. log...
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    Open 2.2.2: Iridium Ore Spawns in Runic Dungeon Chests Expert Mode

    Version: 2.2.2 What is the bug: Iridium Ore Spawns in Runic Dungeon Chests. you can easy get iridium, too easy. Mod & Version: runicdungeons-1.1.6a log: Can it be repeated: Go into the runic dungeon. Known Fix: config/RunicDungeons/ChestGeneration.cfg remove...