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  1. BlueSn00w

    Anyone willing to make a server on my pack?

    Hi im bluesn00w i made the modpack Blue's Tech Pack. Its on 1.7.10 and i want to make a whitelisted server on it but i dont have the time to manage it so im asking the community if anyone wants to help! PM me for info
  2. BlueSn00w

    Need youtubers with atleast 100 subs plus for a SMP

    I need youtubers with 100 subs or more to join a SMP on my new modpack Blues Tech Pack Pack code is bluestechpack PM me for info
  3. BlueSn00w

    Anyone willing to make a texture pack for my modpack?

    Pm me on the fourms it will be included in the pack.
  4. BlueSn00w

    Request Who is willing to beta test my mod pack?

    I need some players to do there best try to cause fatal crashes/dupe bugs so i can patch them modpack Pm me for pack code